A moving and cheerful children’s show “Colorsphere” will visit Riga Circus


The show “Colorsphere”, which continues the opening season of the Riga Circus Arena, is a heartfelt story about exploration, change and adaptation to a new environment, told in the language of juggling, acrobatics and miracles. Four curious explorers enter the Colorsphere, a colorless world inhabited by multi-headed creatures.

Everything changes with the arrival of a colored ball in the world of Colorsphere – an endless series of transformations begins. In the production, the inhabitants of the Colorsphere are represented by the counterparts of a tennis ball machine, which sends balls at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

When visiting the show, you will have the opportunity not only to observe the Colorsphere from the outside, but also to enter it yourself – an installation accompanying the show will be installed in the circus premises, which will invite you to experience the reality of the production before and after the show.

Photo: Heikki Järvinen

Director of the Riga Circus, Māra Pāvula: “During the opening season, we want to mark the circus as a family-friendly place, where vivid memories of outstanding artistic adventures are created. Circus art is able to speak about courage, cooperation and change, in the language of movement miracles that everyone can understand.”

The creative director of the Riga Circus, Mārtiņš Ķibers, says: “Following with interest the stage activities of the “Hands some Feet” association, it is noticeable that all their shows are very exciting and successful – both those created for an audience of adults and those created for an audience of children and even babies . “Colorsphere” is a light and humorous production. Its creators are two couples of circus artists who have small children themselves – and they are able to address audiences of different ages with great skill, and the performances are designed in such a way as to keep the attention of adults as well.

Photo: Teemu Paukamainen

“Hands some Feet” is a circus group from Tampere, Finland. The artists have been producing shows since 2018 and have performed in many places in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

Visitors to the show will also have the opportunity to view the historical poster and photo exhibition “Jautrībes metamorfozes” included in the program of the opening season – a material, textual and photographic journey from more than 100 years of circus history to the more recent past.

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