Central prison fugitive Kovalev is sentenced to almost nine years in prison for attempted murder


AT refused to initiate cassation proceedings, because in the part that refers to attempted murder, the accused had not substantiated the cassation complaint in accordance with the requirements of the law, that is, he had not indicated what violations of the Criminal Law or significant violations of the Criminal Procedure Law had been committed by the appellate court. On the other hand, in the part that refers to intentional damage to someone else’s property, the accused did not appeal the judgment of the court of appeal in the cassation procedure.

Previously, “Latvijas Avīze” reported that the attempted murder was committed on June 29, 2022 in Riga, Teikas micro-district. According to the indictment, Kovalyov came to the ex-spouse of his girlfriend at the time around 5 a.m. and rang the doorbell of the apartment. As soon as the man born in 1975 opened the door, Kovalyov, shouting that he was going to kill him, hit him on the head with a meat cleaver. The victim managed to put his hand in front of him and close the door, however, the attacker hit him twice on the hand, inflicting moderate injuries on the victim. The woman, who was in the apartment with the victim, called the police, who noticed the attacker and arrested him near the scene.

For this attack, the police opened criminal proceedings for both attempted murder and attempted illegal entry into a home against the will of the occupants. In the criminal trial for attempted murder, Kovalov underwent a forensic psychiatric examination, but specialists did not find any special deviations from the norm.

Soon after that, Kovalyov earned another criminal trial because, while in the detention room of the police station, he broke a reinforced glass, thus intentionally damaging another person’s property. The man has previously been convicted of robbery, theft and other crimes. As a security measure, he has been in custody all this time.

In the Riga city court, there is one more case in which Kovalyovs and Ruslans Guzyakovs are accused. They are accused according to Article 180 of the Criminal Law, which provides for responsibility for theft, fraud or embezzlement in a small amount. Currently, the trial of the case is postponed because Guzyakov has been declared wanted.

On July 23, 2023, Kovalyov escaped from Riga Central Prison, but within a few hours he was arrested in Sarkandaugava. Criminal proceedings were initiated for the prisoner’s escape and the case was brought to court.

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