Javelin throwing competition will be held in Jelgava for the 12th time

Javelin throwing competition will be held in Jelgava for the 12th time
Javelin throwing competition will be held in Jelgava for the 12th time

This competition has been held since 1995, and its original name was “Jānis Lūša Cup”. When the legendary javelin thrower and owner of all Olympic medals, J. Lūs, passed away, it turned into a memorial, and the name of Inese Jaunzeme, the first Olympic gold medal winner in the history of Latvian sports, was added to the name. The competition has been held in Jelgava since 2013 and this year will be the 12th time.

The purpose of the competition is to popularize and develop javelin throwing in Latvia, as well as to provide the opportunity for athletes of adult, junior and youth age groups to compete. In order to expand the circle of participants, this year the competition includes another age group – U-14, which will be the youngest participants. Athletes will also compete in the U-16, U-18, U-20 or junior and adult groups.

The winners of the first three places will be awarded with cups and diplomas of the organizers of the competition. In women’s and men’s competition 1-6. place winners will receive cash prizes. The finalists will also receive T-shirts with the symbols of the competition. A separate cash prize is provided for the competition record, which is 90.71 meters for men, 66.15 meters for women. In the last three years, Patriks Gailums won the men’s competition, and Madara Palameika, Anete Kociņa (now Sietiņa), Līna Mūze won the women’s competition.

It should be noted that athletes from Jelgava city and county (former Jelgava district territory) can also try to set a new Jelgava record. The record for men belongs to Gat Chaks and is 87.57 meters, for women – Elva Vestarta and is 42.98 meters; in the junior or U-20 group, the boys’ record also belongs to G. Čakš and is 77.26 m meters, the girl’s record holder is E. Vestarta with a result of 42.98 meters; in the youth or U-18 group, the record belongs to Jānis Liepam (76.36 meters) and E. Vestarta (47.39 meters). It should be noted that the weight of the tool is different in the youth age group.

It is planned that the competition will start at 10:30 with the start of the U-16 group, at 12:00 U-18 group athletes will start, at 13:30 – women, at 15:00 – men, at 16:30 – U- 14 group athletes and at 18:00 – U-20 group athletes. The competition program is subject to change. Entry is free for spectators.

The competition is organized by the association “Latvijas Šķēpmetēju klubs” in cooperation with the Jelgava municipality institution “Sporta servis centrs” and the Latvian Athletics Union.

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