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Rimi Riga Marathon

In order to take care of the environment, reduce the negative impact on it, and ensure that the Rimi Riga Marathon is a sustainable and responsible event, in cooperation with our sustainability partner Neste, as part of the Run For Future by Neste program, we have provided tips on how to participate in the video responsibly and for those used after participation to give materials a second life. What runners and sympathizers need to know about it – read the tips below


One of the most responsible actions on this day is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport by choosing more environmentally friendly means of transport, such as public transport, or one of the individual means of transport – a bicycle or shared scooter. But if you live near the center of Riga, the best way to get to the start will be on foot – it will not only warm you up for the start, but also get you in the mood for a great day!


If you go to the start with things from home – a bottle of water, a snack or a warmer piece of clothing – remember to take care of them and use the specially created storage facilities in Dome square. Sort used food and drink packages into appropriate containers, but remember to take everything else with you when you go home!


If you do not want to keep the bags intended for storing belongings in the storage room and the starting number as a souvenir or for repeated use after the Rimi Riga Marathon, then we invite every runner to exchange them for a Christmas tree in Doma Square after completing their distance. Run For Future by Neste in the tent. The purses and numbers exchanged for the Christmas tree will be sorted, shredded and used to generate heat energy, while the runners will be able to take care of planting a new tree! Let us add that the red bags of the marathon participants are made from 70% recycled material.


Doma Square Run for Future by Neste it is best to plant the Christmas tree received in the tent after the finish in the ground in a place known to you within the next few days after the marathon. However, if this is not possible, the Christmas tree can be planted in a pot, left in the cool and watered regularly until it finds a place in the ground.

The Christmas tree can (and even preferably) be planted together with the entire peat pot in which you will receive it, thus doing less damage to the roots of the Christmas tree. The pot of peat in the ground will decompose and also feed the soil with valuable substances. It is best to plant the seedling in the ground in a special peat substrate intended for conifers, but if it is not available, ordinary garden soil is also suitable and watered thoroughly and regularly.


In all Braziers natural mineral water will be available at energy points on the track for marathon, half marathon and 10 kilometer runners Braziers and Science in Sport an electrolyte drink that will be served in plastic cups. We will be grateful if the glass of water you have drunk falls into the containers placed there! But if you fail – if you don’t survive – the volunteers of the marathon will make sure that all the glasses are collected after the marathon, after which they will also be recycled and used to generate heat energy.

Rimi Riga Marathon


At the finish, every participant of the Riga Marathon will receive a Rimi Braziers natural mineral water and Vita Fruit drinks. There will be several deposit containers for PET bottles in the finish area, where we invite you to throw away used PET bottles in an undamaged form. Thus, bottles discarded in these containers will enter the deposit system and be recycled.


Mangali in energy points for additional water and electrolyte drinks from Science in Sports runners will have access to a variety of fruits to absorb valuable energy. We will donate the uneaten fruits of the runners to the Riga Zoo, whose residents will find them a delicious treat.

Registration for Rimi Riga marathon distances

We remind you that it is possible to register for all distances of the Rimi Riga Marathon (42, 21, 10, 5 kilometers) on the official marathon website until May 18.

About the Rimi Riga Marathon:

The Riga Marathon has been held since 1991. The Rimi Riga Marathon is the most ambitious national sports event in the Baltic States, which annually gathers tens of thousands of runners from all over the world in the capital of Latvia. In 2024, the Rimi Riga Marathon will take place on 18-19 in May, when it will be possible to run marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km, DPD mile (1609m) and Olympic Children’s Day distances as part of the event. All the distances of the Rimi Rīga Marathon have been awarded the quality marks of the World Athletics Union (World Athletics Road Race Label), but the marathon and mile distances also have the status of the Latvian championship.

The Rimi Riga Marathon organizing team also has the first World Running Championship (World Athletics Road Running Championships Riga 23) in the half marathon, 5 km and mile distances, during which three world records were set. The World Championship is considered to be the most important national sports and athletics event in the history of the Baltic States, which gathered the world’s best elite runners and amateur runners from 105 countries, and together with the Rimi Riga Marathon provided a contribution of 11.8 million to the national economy.

Rimi Riga Marathon in cooperation with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, Rimi and Latvian television implements the “Kilometers of Good Will” charity campaign, in which, since its inception in 2020, a total of 60,000 euros have already been donated to children with mobility impairments. The Rimi Riga Marathon has also started the sustainability program “Run for Future by Neste”, the most important event in the Baltics, within which the carbon footprint of the event is not only calculated and compensated, but also all participants are invited to act responsibly.

The marathon has been organized by the agency since 2007 in cooperation with Riga City Council NECom (SIA Nords Event Communications). Main partner – Rimipartners – Neste, TK Spice, electricity, sponsors – DPD Latvia, Index, WESS Motors Toyota, Sportland, Nike, Latvian Olympic Committee. Partners – Children’s Hospital Foundation, natural mineral water Braziers, Garmin, Happy, Mēnes aptieka, Science in Sport, Vizulo, Klotiņi & SergisLSFP, LVS, VSK Noskrien, Riga forests and others. Media partners – LTV, LSM.

Rimi Riga Marathon

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