The future teacher humiliates well-known people in Latvia in his presentation at the University of Latvia


In 2023, Armands Buš worked at Ogre 1st Secondary School as a mathematics teacher. “” approached Ogre 1st secondary school, asking if the secondary school has an opinion on what happened, but we have not yet received an answer.

“Yes, my pain was great, but the shock, which alternated with disgust, was even greater. I have become aware of my queerness and therefore belonging to the queer community relatively recently, and I experienced my first “Riga Pride” march only last year.

Therefore, this presentation was my first contact with such open hatred. I hate it, because in addition to what was recorded in the presentation, Armands also called for people like me to be eliminated during his speech. There were also several witnesses to what he said, as the presentation took place in a group of students, with lecturers also present,” she writes.

Krūma states to “” that she has not submitted a report to the police because she hopes to receive legal assistance from “Mozaīkas”.

“I don’t feel safe to approach the VP on my own, because I have realized over time from the news in the media and elsewhere that VP representatives tend to have an ambiguous attitude towards the victims,” ​​she writes.

When asked if Armands Bush has apologized, Krūma denies it. “I know that he has threatened legal proceedings against the lecturer who conducted the exam and who submitted an application to the Academic Ethics Commission of the University of Warsaw, calling for the student to be excluded from the student body.”

Commentary of the University of Latvia

Linda Daniel, dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology of the LU, comments: “The action that the mentioned student allowed is not permissible in any situation and against any person. I am truly sorry for the pain it has caused to the persons mentioned in the presentation and others. This should not happen, and we are currently doing everything possible so that such situations do not happen again.”

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