VPR brings the topic up to date and invites interested parties to apply for a seminar on sharing solutions in the delivery of goods

VPR brings the topic up to date and invites interested parties to apply for a seminar on sharing solutions in the delivery of goods
VPR brings the topic up to date and invites interested parties to apply for a seminar on sharing solutions in the delivery of goods

On Thursday, May 23, a seminar on existing and possible shared services in urban mobility will be held in Valmiera, bringing together local government specialists, as well as other interested parties who work with the development of micromobility, logistics and innovative delivery services.

This type of seminar is organized for the second time in Vidzeme this year; the events are initiated by the Vidzeme planning region, bringing to the fore the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly logistics services in the context of last-mile delivery services in both cities and rural areas.

For local government specialists, these accents are particularly important, because the issues are closely related to transport decarbonization processes and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, where local governments play an important role and are given great responsibility in achieving the common goal. Each municipality can adapt initiatives and approaches according to local needs and opportunities, developing both infrastructure and working on improvements to the regulatory framework, educating the public and solving issues together with other representatives of the industry, incl. private sector, residents, representatives of the scientific sector, etc. system participants. Particularly interesting are solutions that solve several challenges at the same time – for example, they both reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and also have a positive impact on local home manufacturers and their business, for example, by installing thermal packaging machines, which are becoming more and more popular in Latvia.

As part of the program of the event, the participants of the seminar will get acquainted with various initiatives and experience of entrepreneurs, organizing the so-called last mile delivery services, as well as get an overview of the situation in the transport sector, especially in mobility issues both in urban areas, realizing the extent of the problem in rural areas as well.

Increasingly, the co-involvement of society itself in the provision of services, becoming a participant in the movement of goods and product deliveries, is also being considered. The accumulated experience will be revealed in the course of its activity Riga Technical University and BOLT Drive Ltd representatives, as well as the company and movements izipizi.lv founders.


REGISTRATION event until this year May 22 at 10:00 a.m. (the event is free of charge, the working language is Latvian).

Experience exchange events, where it is possible to learn about both domestic and foreign solutions, have been recognized as a particularly valuable resource that Vidzeme local government specialists gladly use.

It should be noted that thermal packaging machines are an interesting example of Latvia, which regularly shows interest in other countries as well.

The event was organized within the framework of the “SPOTLOG” project co-financed by the Interreg Europe program 2021-2027. The main goal of the project is to involve local communities in the creation of socially responsible logistics systems, wherever possible, based on zero carbon emissions, making reasonable use of all available resources and using the possibilities of digitization of goods and passenger transport services.

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