Markus’ family is asking for help –

Markus’ family is asking for help –
Markus’ family is asking for help –

Markus is an 18-year-old young man from Riga. The boy is affected by cerebral palsy, which prevents him from walking. On a daily basis, he moves around in a wheelchair and is partially able to walk with the help of a walker, reports

Marcus is a positive, cheerful and open young man with great empathy and observation skills. The guy loves to listen to music – the bands “Iron Wolf” and “Prāta vetra” are especially dear to him. He also likes theater and opera very much. As often as possible, he has attended live theater performances of the Metropolitan Opera. Markus loves Riga very much and wouldn’t want to live in any other place. At school, his favorite subjects are music, Latvian language and geography. This spring, Marcus will graduate from high school, but he wants to link his future work to the art industry.

Due to his severe diagnosis, Marcus has always needed rehabilitation to develop and strengthen his physical abilities. Markus will go to the rehabilitation center “Poga”, where he is prescribed “TheraSuit” classes, occupational therapy and massages. An intensive 3-week course costs 2025 euros, two such courses are required per year. A total of 3,744.24 euros* is required. Marcus’s family does not have such funds, so they ask for help from fellow human beings.

You can donate here:

Let’s help Marcus together! Together we will succeed!

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