SEPLP announces a competition for the position of public media ombudsman – Work, career

SEPLP announces a competition for the position of public media ombudsman – Work, career
SEPLP announces a competition for the position of public media ombudsman – Work, career

The Public Electronic Media Council (SEPLP) has announced an open competition for the post of Public Electronic Media Ombudsman, inviting experienced professionals and experts in the media industry to apply for membership by June 10, 2024.

The public media ombudsman supervises the compliance of the services provided by the public media with the basic operating principles of the public media, codes of ethics and editorial guidelines of the public media and, on his own initiative or on the basis of submissions by individuals, issues opinions on the compliance of public media programs and services with the aforementioned principles and documents.

“When evaluating the performance of public media, the ombudsman largely sets quality criteria for the entire Latvian media industry. We invite both experienced journalists and media experts working in academic work to apply for the competition, who are ready to apply their knowledge and authority in this socially important position,” says SEPLP chairman Jānis Siksnis.

In accordance with the Law on Public Electronic Media and their Management, SEPLP selects the ombudsman in an open competition and elects him to the position for a period of five years, with candidacies coordinated in advance with public media ethics councils. A person with an impeccable reputation, higher education and at least five years of professional experience in the field of mass media or at least five years of academic work experience in a relevant sector can be elected as the public media ombudsman.

Candidates who understand the mission, goals and tasks of the public electronic media, as well as are able to promote their independence, high-quality operation and accountability to the public, are invited to apply for the ombudsman position competition.

The ombudsman’s duties are also to promote the public’s media literacy and to maintain a personal connection with the public, as well as to provide consultations on issues related to their ethical codes and editorial guidelines at the request of the public media. The Ombudsman publishes a report on his work at least once a year on the websites of SEPLP and public electronic media.

The tender committee will evaluate applicants for the position of public media ombudsman in three rounds. In the last round, the candidacy for the position of ombudsman will be coordinated with the ethical councils of public media, as provided by the Law on Public Electronic Media and Their Management.

The members of SEPLP, Jānis Siksnis, Sanita Upleja-Jegermane and Jānis Eglītis, as well as Skaidrīte Lasmane, who has been delegated by the Latvian Media Ethics Council, will act as part of the competition commission. The decision on the election of the candidate nominated by the competition commission to the position will be made by SEPLP.

Applicants for the public media ombudsman position competition are invited to apply by June 10, 2024, by sending applications to e-mail: [email protected]. More information on the SEPLP website:

Public Electronic Media Council

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