40,000 sanitary napkins were purchased for educational institutions in Jurmala

40,000 sanitary napkins were purchased for educational institutions in Jurmala
40,000 sanitary napkins were purchased for educational institutions in Jurmala

40,000 sanitary napkins have been purchased for Jūrmala educational institutions for this and the next school year, Megija Parfilova, representative of the city municipality, informed LETA agency.

Since April, every schoolgirl in general education institutions in Jūrmala has access to free hygiene packages. The project was implemented to promote the availability of hygiene products, ensuring comfort, safety and well-being in the learning environment.

The Jūrmala municipality purchased more than 40,000 sanitary napkins, which have already been placed in girls’ restrooms in all Jūrmala schools.

The idea of ​​freely available hygiene packages in the girls’ restrooms came from the students of the Jūrmala State Gymnasium student self-government. In cooperation with the school management and the design technology teacher, a special, easily recognizable design of the menstrual hygiene package distribution box “Pačekosim!” was developed. and provided free access to hygiene products. The contents of the distribution box are replenished every time it is needed.

“Free access to hygiene products is a basic necessity. Situations tend to be different, and we care that girls also feel safe and free in the school environment, so that they don’t have to worry about possible complications or uncomfortable situations, so from April this year we have provided free access to hygiene products in all in Jūrmala’s educational institutions,” explains the initiative of the municipality, the chairman of the Jūrmala City Council, Rita Sproģe (ZZS).

Dispensers with hygiene packages are available in the girls’ facilities at Jūrmala State Gymnasium, Jūrmala Aspazija Primary School, Jūrmala Primary School, Jūrmala Ķemeru Primary School, Jūrmala Vaivaru Primary School, Jūrmala Mežmala Primary School, Jūrmala Jaundubultu Primary School, Jūrmala Kauguru Secondary School, Jūrmala Majoru Secondary School, Jūrmala Pumpuru Secondary School, Youth Initiative Center Kauguru Park, Mazajā Nometņu Street 1, and will also be located in the Jūrmala Children and Youth Center at Zemgales Street 4.

The total cost of the project is 9,077 euros, which includes the purchase of both hygiene products and dispensers for this and the next school year. The quantity of goods was chosen taking into account the number of schoolgirls in each educational institution.

The supplier of the hygienic package is SIA “Magnum Medical”. The turnover of the medicine wholesaler “Magnum Medical” in the financial year, which lasted from May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023, was 116.682 million euros, which is 7.6% more than the year before, while the company’s profit increased by 5 .9% – up to 4.257 million euros, according to “Firmas.lv” information. More recent data about the company is not yet available.

It has already been announced that a pilot project has been started in the educational institutions of Balvu and Aizkraukle districts, during which they will try to identify the amount of hygiene products needed for schools, as well as to understand the difficulties that will have to be faced in ensuring the availability of these products for 11- to 19-year-old girls.

Inete Ielīte, the chairman of the board of the women’s cooperation network, told LETA that 13 schools in Aizkraukle region have participated in the pilot project, and free hygiene products will be provided to 1,054 girls. On the other hand, there are 12 schools in Balvu district, providing hygiene products for 580 girls. Hygiene products will be provided by different brands, giving girls the option to choose between packs and tampons.

As Ielīte admitted, the pilot project aims to understand how hygiene products can be procured or distributed, how much funds are needed, because, for example, the schools in Aizkraukle and Balvu districts are small, and there are not many girls in them. Also, the pilot project could change the opinion on how hygiene products can be provided in schools. Currently, only 36% of schools are provided with hygiene products.

According to the data of the Ministry of Welfare, a total of 77,785 girls between the ages of 11 and 19 study in 668 educational institutions. In 2019, at least 15% of girls, or one in six girls, missed school because they could not buy hygiene products. On the other hand, in a study conducted in Eastern Latvia in 2022, it was found that 17% of girls have delayed the learning process due to the unavailability of hygiene products.

The pilot project will be implemented until May 31. Its results could be available in June.

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