The summer concert season in Valmiera will be opened by the group “Skyforger”

The summer concert season in Valmiera will be opened by the group “Skyforger”
The summer concert season in Valmiera will be opened by the group “Skyforger”

On June 8, at 20.00, the folk metal band “Skyforger” will open the summer concert season powerfully and ambitiously on the Valmiera stage. The concert will feature well-known “Skyforger” songs from all the band’s albums.

The band consists of: Pēteris – voice, guitar, folk instruments, soldiers’ voices, Edgars “Zirgs” – bass, folk instruments, soldiers’ voices, Alvis – guitar, acoustic guitar, soldiers’ voices and Jānis – drums, percussion.

“Skyforger” or in Latvian “Debesu Kalējs” was established in 1995, when three members Pēteris, Edgars and Imants from doom metal Grindmaster Dead decided to take on new musical challenges and focused on researching the history and traditions of their ancestors.

During the group’s existence, seven albums were released: “Kauja pie Saules”, “Latviešu strēlnieki”, “Pērkoņkalve”, “Zobena dziesma”, “Semigalls’ Warchant”, “Kurbads” and “Senprusija”. In 2017, “Skyforger” participated and the groups the written music sounded in the multimedia metal opera “Kurbads. Son of the King”, which became one of the brightest events in Latvian culture, receiving the recognition of both genuine viewers and professionals. In 2019, “Kurbads. Son of a mare” was reborn in a new quality in Riga, Lucavsala.

In the summer of 2022, “Skyforger” in cooperation with the group of folklore friends “Skandinieki” published a joint song “Lec, eglīte” and performed for the first time in the world’s largest heavy metal at the “Wacken Open Air” festival in Germany, but the concert season ended on September 10 with a big concert in the renovated Mežaparks Great Stage, which was the first heavy metal event in the new grandstands.

During these 28 years, “Skyforger” has won the hearts of many fans in Latvia and abroad both with the interesting mixture of traditional Latvian music with heavy rock and with their attractive stage image. The group is the best-known Latvian hard rock group abroad, and also ranks among the leading groups in the world pagan metal in style.

The domestic metal association NUVO will take care of the first act of the event. The group represents Valmiera punk/metal stage since 2012 and has performed several times outside the borders of Latvia. Their first performance – the album “Time is in the blood” – has received the Latvian metal music award “Debut of the Year 2018”. Until now, the band’s sound has been a chaotic amalgamation of only two instruments – bass and drums, while in this concert, the audience will be treated to completely new compositions, in a new sound and manner of playing.

Entrance: 20 EUR. On June 6, 7 and 8 – 25 EUR. 1 EUR discount with the Valmiera culture card. Tickets can be purchased at “Bilešu Paradīze” ticket offices and electronically

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