All semi-finalists of the erudition competition “FIZMIX Experiments” of schools in the regions of Riga and Latvia have been determined – Education, webinars

All semi-finalists of the erudition competition “FIZMIX Experiments” of schools in the regions of Riga and Latvia have been determined – Education, webinars
All semi-finalists of the erudition competition “FIZMIX Experiments” of schools in the regions of Riga and Latvia have been determined – Education, webinars
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After a month-long fierce competition, teams of eighth- and ninth-grade students from Riga and Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale, Latgale and Riga region have been determined, which will compete for the victory in the erudition competition “FIZMIX Experiments” in the semi-finals and finals. A total of 216 student teams from 145 schools in Latvia, a total of 1080 students, applied for the competition organized by AS “Latvenergo” with the status of an open Olympiad, which is being held for the 29th time this year. The “FIZMIX Experiment” competition will end on April 13 at the ATTA center, where the Latvian Physics Festival will be held throughout the day with an exciting program.

Last week, at the end of the selection rounds, several teams from the Zemgale and Latgale regions, as well as the Riga city, had obtained the same number of points, so on Tuesday, April 2, they received an additional task. After collecting the results, the teams of all regions of Latvia and Riga, which will go to the competition semi-finals in Riga, are known:

  • From the Kurzeme region – teams “Jauda” (Liepāja Jānis Čakste High School), “Vācēji” (Jaunpils High School), “smart heads 2” (Liepāja Dzintara High School), “TAHJONI” (Nice High School), “Farmers” (Jaunpils High School), “ABADO” (Saldus secondary school), “Piltene” (Piltene primary school), “Bez bailēm” (Tukuma 3rd primary school), “Katjoni” (Nice secondary school) and “Irlava on top” (Irlava primary school).

  • From the Vidzeme region – teams “Charged” (Ogres 1st Secondary School), “Quintets” (Lēdmanes Primary School), “Good Question” (Cēsi State Gymnasium), “Epsilons 152” (Madonas State Gymnasium), “Epsilons 151” (Madonas State Gymnasium), “Zālītes” (Lēdmanes elementary school), “Priedītes čiekurini” (Valmiera Pārgauja State Gymnasium), “Baroni” (Limbaži State Gymnasium), “Physics” (Ojāras Vācieš Gaujienas elementary school) and “Powerful Strongmen” (Alūksne Middle School).

  • From the Riga region – teams “Shipmen” (Siguldas 1st Primary School), “Majoru Electricians” (Jūrmala Majoru Secondary School), “Electromagnetic Elite” (Siguldas State Gymnasium), “Physics Agents” (Siguldas State Gymnasium), “Crazy Batteries” (Siguldas State Gymnasium ), “BitWise” (Babīte Middle School), “Sasistie ar strāvu” (Jūrmala State Gymnasium), “Team Lunar” (Mores Elementary School), “Carnikavas Fiziķi” (Carnikavas Elementary School) and “Folivora” (Marupes Elementary School).

  • From the Zemgale region: “GigaGrami” (Jelgava Technological High School), “Archimedes cucumbers” (Jelgava State Gymnasium), “Powerful Youth” (Jelgava State Gymnasium), “Phenomeni” (Vecumnieku High School), “Gears” (Jelgava 5th High School), “Left Roka” (Andreja Upīša Skrīveru Secondary School), “Tīkls” (Dobele State Gymnasium), “Nav Laika” (Viesīte High School), “Pagoes Have Lunch” (Jelgava Spīdola State Gymnasium), “Fizomāni” (Jelgava Technological High School).

  • From the Latgale region: “220V” (Daugavpils Opportunities High School), “Higgisi” (Daugavpils Opportunities High School), “Elektro-zakīši” (Daugavpils State City High School), “Baltais Celiņš” (Daugavpils Technology High School-Lyceum), “LVGargamels” (Jāņas Egliša Preiļi State gymnasium), “slay” (Daugavpils Technological High School-Lyceum), “Kopspēks” (Daugavpils Science High School), “Physical Phoenixes” (Balvu State Gymnasium), “Burning Fuses”, “Malta_2024” (Malta High School).

  • From the city of Riga: “Plēsējsūnas” (Ågenskalns State Gymnasium), “Grāmata84” (Rīga 84th Secondary School), “Blondīņi” (Rīga English Grammar School), “Bēdigi slavenie” (Rīga English Grammar School), “Fiksiki-Miksiki” (Private Primary School “Maxima” ), “FPP” (Riga 40th Secondary School), “Ministers of Gambling” (Riga State 1st Gymnasium), “Ata Krūminas’s Favorite Sisters” (Riga State 1st Gymnasium), “Žěurģerts Šustermunters” (Riga State 1st Gymnasium), “Gambling Ministers 2_0” (Riga State 2nd Gymnasium).

The largest number of teams registered this year from Riga schools – 51 teams, Vidzemi was represented by 42 teams, Kurzemi – 40, Latgali – 39, Zemgali – 28, and Riga region – 16 student teams. The 10 best teams of each region and the city of Riga qualify for the semi-finals of the competition – 60 in total, which scored the most points in the selection rounds.

“This year’s competition has so far been very tense and side by side – several teams scored the same number of points in the competition, so they received an additional task to determine the semi-finalists. So far, the students have successfully coped with 10 warm-up rounds and 24 tasks of varying difficulty in the selection round, proving their knowledge of and around physics, as well as renewable energy resources. I am glad that this year the students achieved excellent results in the three practical tasks as well, – the answers to them cannot be found either on the Internet, from the teacher or in a book, but only by conducting practical experiments,” says Raitis Streičs, manager of the portal.

The semifinals and finals of the competition “FIZMIX Experiments” will take place on April 13 in person during the Latvian Physics Festival. Out of 60 teams, the best team of each region will be determined in the semi-finals, which will fight for valuable prizes in the final. This year’s main prize is a trip to Switzerland to visit the European Center for Nuclear Research CERN – the world’s leading scientific center and its famous Large Hadron Collider, as well as to visit the Swiss Science Center “Technorama”.

On April 13, in Riga, the ATTA center will host the biggest Latvian Physics Festival so far, where both children and young people, as well as adults, will have the opportunity to get to know the amazing and exciting world of physics. This year, the Physics Festival will delight visitors with a scientific and entertaining free program that will fascinate both young and old visitors. Throughout the day, there will be activities for young and old, which will be provided by all Latvian science and curiosity centers, various technical creativity and interest groups, the largest Latvian universities and other educational institutions. There will also be an opportunity to listen to stories about Latvian scientific achievements in physics and engineering, as well as learn about Latvia’s contribution to space exploration. At the end of the event, the group “Astro’n’out” will delight all visitors with a concert.

The main goal of the student erudition competition “FIZMIX Experiment” is to promote interest in the exact sciences and to show in an engaging way how the theoretical knowledge learned at school can be used in practice and where it can be useful in the future when choosing various professions and career opportunities. This year, the contest tasks were prepared by the experts of Riga Technical University – young scientists, teachers and physics enthusiasts. The slogan of this year’s erudition competition reads “Who then, if not You! Spring into the future with the FIZMIX Experiment!”, encouraging young people and everyone to think about the fact that the quality of our future life on planet Earth is in our own hands, as well as inviting students to look at the competition as an opportunity to acquire knowledge that will be useful in his future choices, be it a career and a profession or a sustainable lifestyle. The focus of the competition is the energy of the future, inviting us to explore the resources of our planet and their potential use in the future.

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