Patients with “appendicum” are called simulants in the hospital reception department and they want to send them home

Patients with “appendicum” are called simulants in the hospital reception department and they want to send them home
Patients with “appendicum” are called simulants in the hospital reception department and they want to send them home

A patient shared an unpleasant experience in the reception department at the Vidzeme hospital on Facebook.

She went to the hospital during the holidays, complaining of stomach pain. However, it must be said right away that the patient had a bad experience only in the reception department, she expresses her greatest gratitude to the doctors and nurses of the surgery department.

The patient’s story:

“31. March morning at At 3:00, I started vomiting at home, until At 7:00 a.m. my stomach was numb, I felt stomach pain for the first time (like burning, bloating). I thought that I should go to Vidzeme hospital for admission, if there is something serious. at At 8:00 I was already at the reception, and the blood was taken, the stomach was felt, the system and painkillers were introduced. Everything is fine, the final conclusion is acute gastritis. I went home happy.

at At 13:00 the pain started again, I did everything as indicated in the prescription – I took the prescribed medication. The pain did not subside and intensified not only in the abdominal area, but also on the right side, the lower part began to drag.

at At 21:00 the decision was made to call an ambulance, BIG THANKS TO THE MAZSALAC BRIGADE, whose doctors came immediately, examined the abdomen and made the decision to go to the hospital, as it was probably appendicitis. And so it was. I arrived at the hospital around 10:00 p.m. and then the most unpleasant thing began…

A nurse or a nurse’s assistant or a doctor’s assistant came to the waiting bench, I have no idea, but the attitude is below zero. A sea of ​​questions.. Why have you come again? In the morning, however, everything was inspected. Medicines do not work so quickly. You have not bought any of the medicines. How do you know the appendix is ​​to blame?

I asked if it is possible to look at the ultrasound, if everything is in order, the answer to this question was that the specialist will be there only on Tuesday, he will be able to take a look and conclude what is wrong with the ultrasound.

To be honest, I felt super broken, emotionally devastated. I didn’t even have anything to answer. There was only an answer to this woman – write a document that you will take responsibility if something bad happens to me, and I can also go home. The tears flowed on their own, both from the pain and from doing nothing.

Next, they agreed to start all over again – taking blood tests. While I was waiting for an answer, surgeon Anna Denova came to me (the best thing that could have happened that evening), examined me, felt my stomach, looked at the ultrasound and realized that it was the appendix.

The results of the blood tests were awaited, and I was immediately sent to surgery.

To the blitz, who was in the reception department at that moment,

there was no shame in telling the client at the top of my voice that I was just faking it all,

that the doctors in the ambulance gave the wrong diagnosis, that my mom, who is the smartest vet and understands what’s going on, also thinks wrongly. Who fakes a holiday just to be hospitalized? Show at least one such person.

Unfortunately, you ladies were the ones who misdiagnosed me. Who would be in charge at this point if I hadn’t fought through this one more blood count, ultrasound scan. Who? It would again be written off as a communication problem..

After this experience, I think that the weakest part of Vidzeme Hospital is the reception department.

I want to thank the nurses of the surgery department (service at the highest level, even after working 24 hours), thank you to surgeon Anna Denova and her anesthesiologist. Everything is great both before and after the operation. The exchange of information, the attitude is such that hats off – THANK YOU!”

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