Children’s creative classes in April at the Rothko Museum

Children’s creative classes in April at the Rothko Museum
Children’s creative classes in April at the Rothko Museum

Wednesdays in April at 16.00 weekly children’s creative classes will be held in the children’s art studio of the Rothko Museum.

Creative classes for children will be held in the Rothko Museum on Wednesdays in April under the guidance of artist and museum teacher Mairitas Folkmanes. In the course of the lessons, the participants will get to know the museum’s current seasonal exhibitions in depth and create their own creative works in various art techniques.

We invite you to apply for classes:
April 10: What is an original work of art and what is a copy? What is common, what is different? Let’s paint our work, inspired by the exhibition “Rotkho. Made in Latvia.”
April 17: What is Bastion? Let’s explore the bastion in a real environment, see the exhibition “Bastions” by the artist Franceska Kirke and learn how to depict a globe.
April 24: What is graphic art? We will learn to recognize various graphic techniques at the exhibition of the 12th Latgale Graphic Symposium and create our own work, inspired by the works of artists seen at the exhibition.

The necessary materials and colors will be provided by the organizers.

It is advisable to provide yourself with aprons or work clothes.

Participation fee – 6.00 EUR.

The number of places is limited, so participants must register in writing before attending each workshop [email protected] or by calling +37126564817.

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