A nerve-wracking incident occurred on the “airBaltic” flight to Riga

A nerve-wracking incident occurred on the “airBaltic” flight to Riga
A nerve-wracking incident occurred on the “airBaltic” flight to Riga

The incident happened on the flight of the Latvian airline “airBaltic” from Helsinki Vantaa Airport to Riga. The plane left at nine in the evening.

One of the passengers of the flight told the portal that at first she thought that training was taking place on the plane. She thought that the flight attendants were also confused, although they tried to calm down the worried passengers.

The masks hung over the heads of the passengers throughout the flight.

“The uncertainty was depressing. I’m already very afraid of flying, so I was very worried. I immediately thought of the worst-case scenario. It would have been good if the flight crew had announced what was happening sooner,” said the passenger.

“Suddenly, all the oxygen masks fell out. I was wondering what will happen now,” another passenger told the media. On the other hand, another passenger stated that “passengers were very quiet, but people did not panic.” Eventually, the announcement came that nothing bad had happened and there was no need to wear the masks, so the tension in the plane subsided.

AirBaltic representative Augusts Zilberts confirmed the incident to the Latvian public media portal LSM.lv.

“During the flight, the air pressure and climate maintenance system of the plane reacted to an erroneous signal sent by the control unit about an abnormal cabin pressure reading. As a result, the oxygen mask panels embedded in the cabin ceiling compartment opened, allowing the masks to fall out,” stated Zilberts.

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