Fires are raging in Valkas and Smiltene counties –

Fires are raging in Valkas and Smiltene counties –
Fires are raging in Valkas and Smiltene counties –

In the past day, in the period from April 2 of this year at 6.30 a.m. to April 3 at At 6:30 a.m., the Vidzeme Regional Administration of the State Fire and Rescue Service received ten calls – six for extinguishing fires (including four for bushfires), three for rescue work, and one more was a hoax.

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Yesterday at At 9:17 p.m., a call was received to Mežinieku street in Alūksne, where smoke had formed and the smoke detector had tripped as a result of incorrect operation of the heating system in a one-story residential house. Firefighters checked the building and the attic, as well as the chimney, no fire was detected. Six people were evacuated from the building. at At 22.18, the work at the scene ended.

In the past 24 hours, the help of firefighters was needed in Prauliena Parish, Madona County, where a 3m tree was burning2 area, as well as in Staiceles parish of Limbažu county, where a washing machine burned on the first floor of a two-story farm building 0.5m2 area (the fire was extinguished before the arrival of VUGD).

Yesterday four fires were extinguished in Vidzeme:

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  • 200m in Prauliena parish of Madona county2 in area;
  • 2.5 hectares in Zvārtava parish of Valka county;
  • Smiltene district in Ape 200m2 in area;
  • 5000m in Beļava parish of Gulbene county2 in area.

VUGD reminds us that burning a bundle is a prohibited and punishable act! Unfortunately, significant service resources are spent each spring fighting brush fires. VUGD invites people to think that while the firefighters are extinguishing the burning pile, someone may need help, but it cannot be provided promptly if all the nearest service resources are involved in extinguishing the pile fires.

In the past 24 hours, VUGD received a total of 59 calls – 31 for extinguishing fires, of which 17 for extinguishing forest fires and two forest fires, 15 for rescue operations, but 13 calls were false.

Sandra Vēžiņa, senior inspector of the Department of Prevention and Public Information of VUGD

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