Daugavpils will start the next heating season with a lower tariff

Daugavpils will start the next heating season with a lower tariff
Daugavpils will start the next heating season with a lower tariff

At the end of March, the economists of the municipal company “Daugavpils siltumtīkli” submitted an application for a reduction in the heating tariff to the Public Service Regulatory Commission (SPRK). It is expected that from May 1, the current tariff of 81.13 EUR/MWh will decrease to 65.86 EUR/MWh.

All details of the calculation will now be carefully checked by PUK staff. On the other hand, member of the board of PAS “Daugavpils siltumtīkli”, Aleksandrs Karpenko, justifies the upcoming tariff reduction as follows:Our fuel supply contracts expire on April 30th, and from May 1st we will be working under new contracts that we have concluded in time. The situation in the fuel market has stabilized, I would even say that this market is finally saturated in terms of supply. Therefore, I am pleased that as a result of the announced procurements, we managed to receive such price offers that allowed us to significantly reduce the heating tariff in Daugavpils“.

Currently, new contracts have already been concluded for the supply of natural gas, wood chips, wood pellets and electricity for the company’s heat production needs. They will be valid until the end of the next heating season, so the new tariff, the draft of which has now been submitted for evaluation and approval, will provisionally remain until May 2025.

We remind you that the size of the heating bills is determined not only by the tariff, but also by the weather conditions and the technical condition of the building, its orderliness. PAS “Daugavpils siltumtīkli” can influence only the tariff factor, but the energy efficiency of houses remains up to their owners.

PAS “Daugavpils thermal networks”

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