“Dakteris Klauns” organizes a charity campaign in which everyone in Latvia can participate

“Dakteris Klauns” organizes a charity campaign in which everyone in Latvia can participate
“Dakteris Klauns” organizes a charity campaign in which everyone in Latvia can participate

The association states that even for an adult, getting to the hospital causes stress, but it could be even worse for a child. The incomprehensible and often painful procedures, hours of waiting, unfamiliar environment, the unknown – all this causes great anxiety, fear, and fatigue. Therefore, clown doctors enter this room of complex emotions to help the little patients and their parents survive these emotions and make the atmosphere of the hospital lighter and more humane.

The work of doctor clowns is not a one-time event, it is a daily delicate work that requires great dedication and emotional resilience. Clown doctors improve professionally, undergo supervision, learn new methods and approaches. All of this has the only goal – to help children and parents overcome pain and fear, regain strength and get in the mood for victory over the disease.

The donations collected during the charity campaign will help the clown doctors to continue visiting small patients in seven hospitals throughout Latvia, to start a new school for doctor clowns – thus finding much-needed new colleagues, as well as to continue additional projects – work with children with special needs and cooperation with doctor clowns in Ukraine.

Clown noses can be purchased for a donation of 1.99 euros in “Rimi” stores throughout Latvia – the entire amount for each purchased clown nose will be directed to the work of doctors as clowns in Latvian hospitals. Anyone can also participate in the campaign and support the clown doctors by making a donation on the website “www.drklauns.lv”.

“Dr. Klauns” charity campaign “Help the doctor clown to be where he is expected!” will take place until May 31. You can follow the progress of the promotion on the doctor clown social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram”

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Society “Dr. Clown” has been operating as a public charity organization since 2012, and its representatives – 35 professional medical clowns – go to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital and other hospitals in Latvia every day to psychologically help children, making the everyday life of small patients easier while they stay in a medical institution.

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