six police officers and a prosecutor receive punishment / Article

six police officers and a prosecutor receive punishment / Article
six police officers and a prosecutor receive punishment / Article

This week it became known that the supervising prosecutor was punished with a reduction in salary. He will have a fifth of his monthly salary of approximately 2,700 euros withheld for half a year. The actions of the other prosecutor have not yet been evaluated, as he is away for a long time. The conduct of each police officer over a period of two years was also examined.

“Was it directly causally related to this tragic event, to the taking of a person’s life, and yes, there were disciplinary signs, there were two reprimands, there were notes. But in order to release him from service, we did not discover such serious violations,” said Armands Ruks, head of the State Police.

The Jēkabpils police station now has a new boss. According to her,

now, in all high-profile cases, inspectors are obliged to report to the management, as this was the most significant violation.

“They tried to solve it locally, they did not raise the alarm either at the regional level or at the central level,” admitted Ruk. “When there is a problem like this lasting for two years… One person is humiliated and persecuted. And the fact that different police officers reacted to different events, personnel turnover. It was the management’s responsibility. They did not see the connection.”

The murderer Rusiņš has still not been found. “If this bastard is alive, we have to find him, and we will do it anyway. No matter how long it takes,” Rook emphasized.

On the other hand, the prosecutor of the Eastern Zemgale Prosecutor’s Office was given the second harshest possible punishment – by order of the Prosecutor General, his salary was reduced by 20% for six months.

“Next one [sods] is a layoff. A harsh sentence is because the actions of the prosecutor are not causally related to the crime afterwards. This lack of connection serves as a foundation. If there was a connection, the decision would be different,” said Aigars Bičuš, Chief Prosecutor of the Zemgale Court District Prosecutor’s Office.

When examining the actions of the prosecutor, the evaluators were particularly surprised by an episode – when the police inspector repeatedly asked to arrest Rusina, she received a request to withdraw this application in return.

“What a very interesting situation… When the investigating judge was not responsive and motivated the initiator of the process to withdraw this submission, and the initiator of the process turned to the prosecutor for advice as a higher official, and the prosecutor lightly ignored, did not get involved. As a result, he withdrew this motion,” admitted Bicush.

The chief prosecutor emphasizes that in fact the sentence given to any prosecutor is like a stamp for life. The action or inaction of another prosecutor will also have to be considered, namely the issue of management competence. However, this deputy chief prosecutor is away for a long time, so the question of responsibility will be looked at as soon as he returns.


On April 16 of last year, a woman born in 1983 was killed in front of her child and mother in Jēkabpils region. The murder was committed by her ex-husband Leon Rusiņš, who threatened and harassed the woman for months; it was regularly reported to the police, but the woman was not protected.

The head of the state police, Armands Ruks, instructed to start the inspection of the service in order to “make sure that the police officers have acted in accordance with the regulatory framework, sufficiently proactively and professionally”. Ruks announced that in connection with the search for Rusiņš, the head of the East Zemgale police station, Rolands Bērziņš, has lost his position. During the inspection and disciplinary investigation of the police service, disciplinary punishments were applied to five officials of the East Zemgale station, but as of September 1 last year, there is a new head of the station – Major Evita Galviņa took office.

On the other hand, the investigation of the General Prosecutor’s Office concluded that there are grounds to evaluate possible violations by three prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the government supported the proposal to pay 50,000 euros compensation to the two minor children and the mother of the murdered woman.

In response to the tragic events, the Saeima significantly increased the maximum penalties for threats to kill, stalking and failure to comply with the ruling on protection against violence. The maximum prison sentence for these crimes was increased from three months to three years.

The Rusini police have been searching for the murderer for several months, while it is not excluded that the man may have committed suicide.

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