“Ventspils” loses the return match of the cup, the new Riga derby will take place in Jelgava – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

“Ventspils” loses the return match of the cup, the new Riga derby will take place in Jelgava – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com
“Ventspils” loses the return match of the cup, the new Riga derby will take place in Jelgava – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

On the morning of the match day, it was announced that tickets for the Latvian classic match at the “Rimi” Olympic Center are no longer available. In the course of the game, quite a lot of space in the stands remained unfilled, so it cannot be said that the Olympic center was overthrown in a circle, however, the atmosphere was irritated already with the first minutes.

As in the pair’s first match, the teams in Riga also started with a thorough attack burst. Both teams scored 15 points in the first five minutes. It turned out that Arnaldo Toro’s shoulder injury suffered in the middle of the week was not enough to prevent the Puerto Rico national team player from participating in the second leg of the Ujava Cup semi-final. Toro was promoted to the fast attack and hit the ball into the basket from above, halving the lead accumulated in the first game by the Kurzemen. On the opposite side of the field, Ronalds Zaķis jumped over the hoop, showing that Riga’s baskets are not safe either. At the end of the first quarter, Waffle had played back almost the entire deficit – 29:25.

In the second minute of the second quarter, Jaizek Lotti scored points with an easy throw from the bottom after a ball was intercepted in the quick attack, taking over the lead of the semi-final series for Riga. The heated Lotti continued to increase the advantage of “VEF Riga”, but in the second half of the quarter, Pidgey Pipes took an example from his compatriot, who continued to pour balls into the guests’ basket. In a very unenviable situation at the end of the half, Toro made a free throw from under the basket, but Greg Whittington connected with an accurate three-point shot. In the half-time reflection, Ventspils had to go to a very unpleasant 40:66.

In the second half, the “Ventspils” team could not find any answers to change the course of the game. The advantage of the people of Riga reached already the fourth ten. At the very end of the third quarter, under the basket, Pēteris Pinnis annoyed Ventspils veteran Ronaldas Zakis, who did not hide his desire to chastise his young opponent. Former teammate Māris Gulbis tried to get in Zaķim’s way, but the power forward bounced like a tennis ball off the forward’s forearm. The hare continued to be furious even after the end of the quarter (87:53 in favor of VEF), sending an angry look and pointing an index finger at a character in the stands.

Most of the game on bench sitting Roberts Bērziņš hit the ball into the basket with a two-handed dunk at the beginning of the last quarter. Separately, “Ventspils” won in the eighth round of the last semi-final series, but did not manage to close the gap at such a pace as to renew the intrigue about the outcome of the game. The home team could not fulfill the request of Riga fans to score the hundredth point in three and a half minutes of the game. Vefina Bērziņš finally made the fans happy half a minute before the end, allowing them to reach a three-digit number and the final score 101:80.

PJ Pipes scored 21 points for the winners and the other Vefina recent addition Greg Whittington added 20 points. Jaizek Lotti had a double-double with 15 points and ten assists. “Ventspilij” scored 16 points each by Renārs Birkāns and Deshon Francis.

“VEF Riga” – “Ventspils” 101:80 (29:25, 37:16, 21:13, 14:26)
VEF: Pipes 21, Whittington 20 (9 rebounds; 3 assists; 2 blocks), Lotijs 15 (10 assists), Toro 14, Gulbis 13, Blums 7, Pinnis 4, Berzins 4, Bertan 3, Butirin, Boomeister, Putan.
Ventspils: Francis 16 (7 rebounds; 5 assists), Birkāns 16, El-Amins 15, Zaķis 10, Vasiļjevičs 8, Mežulis 7, Jaunzems 5, Ausės 3, Ozers, Donis, Censonis, Salnājs.

Semi-final round matches of the Uzhava Cup

Dat. The game Res. Top scorers
27.01. Ventspils – VEF Riga 97:91 Ear 27 p. – Bloom 19 p.
28.01. Liepaja – Riga Zelli 79:90 Kilps 18 p. (8 rez.p.) – Raimo 18 p.
02.02. Riga Zelli – Liepāja 90:65 Hawk 21 p. – Nebula 14 p.m.
03.02. VEF Riga – Ventspils 101:80 Pipes 21 p. – Birkan 16 p.

Semi-final of the Uzhava Cup

A couple 1. sp. 2 sp. Sum
Ventspils – VEF Riga 97:91 80:101 177:192
Liepaja – Riga Zelli 79:90 65:90 144:180

Finals of the renewed Latvian Basketball Cup

Year The game Res. MVP Coach Place
2024. VEF Riga – Riga Zelli Jelgava
2023. Liepaja – VEF Riga 66:87 Krister Zorik Jānis Gailītis Liepaja
2022. Ventspils – VEF Riga 62:74 Alexander Madsen Jānis Gailītis Ventspils

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