It has been specified where in Riga you can be on the ice – Riga

It has been specified where in Riga you can be on the ice – Riga
It has been specified where in Riga you can be on the ice – Riga

From February 2, the list of water bodies in Riga, where you can be on ice, has been slightly clarified. Residents should remember to always be sure of their safety and assess the thickness of the ice before stepping on it.

All places where it is allowed to be on the ice can be viewed on the map.

We remind you that taking into account the changing weather conditions and the possibility that the ice layer is not strong enough, it is still prohibited to be on the ice of the rest of the public water bodies available in the city territory or their parts and the public waters of the sea coast adjacent to Riga.

The municipality reminds that the thickness of the ice can be different in different places, it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety, so residents should be careful and assess their own safety when climbing and being on the ice.

By order of the city’s executive director, a period of increased danger has been set for Riga’s water bodies, during which, unless certain exceptions are applied, residents are prohibited from being on the ice.

Liability for being on the ice in places where it is not allowed is defined in the Law on Administrative Penalties for violations in the field of administration, public order and the use of the state language. Violation of the law is subject to a warning or a fine of up to 100 euros.

Department of External Communication of Riga Municipality

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