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Forecasters do not promise spring so soon –


In the past 24 hours, due to thawing and precipitation, the water level in the rivers on our side continued to fluctuate, according to the information of the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology (LVĜMC).

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LVĜMC hydrologist Līga Klints said that this week in Mūsa near Bauska, ice was passing through the middle of the river, no significant rise in the water level was observed. The situation was quite calm this week also in Lielupe near Mežotne.

“The ice of the rivers has melted, but there have been no measurements of the ice cover in the last few days to be able to evaluate how much the ice has decreased, which was more than a meter. The precipitation experienced on Saturday night, as well as the warm Saturday and the following Sunday with plus degrees, could cause the water level to rise if the ice begins to melt. I assume that the water level may rise by a meter in the upper reaches of Lielupe, which means that the floodplains will flood even more than it is now,” said L. Klints.

Forecasters predict frost will return next week and river runoff will decrease. The ice sheet will begin to form again, as next week the air temperature may drop to minus eight degrees and more.

“Further forecasts suggest that after February 10, a slight thaw could return for a few days and then frost again. For now, long-term forecasts promise the onset of a persistent spring in mid-March,” revealed L. Klints.

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