“One might think that Ogre has eaten the last potato of Latvia!” People discussing English potatoes in a shop

“One might think that Ogre has eaten the last potato of Latvia!” People discussing English potatoes in a shop
“One might think that Ogre has eaten the last potato of Latvia!” People discussing English potatoes in a shop

English potatoes in the Ogre Top store. The price is discounted to compete with local producers,” writes Māris.

Screenshot from social network “Facebook”/Māris Ruks.

19:37, 3 February 2024

“English potatoes in Ogre’s “Top” store. Discounted price to compete with local producers? I have nothing against British fries. Whether German, French or Leish… but I have great complaints against the government’s policy to support Latvia’s internal market, great regret for the Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Krauze. About their attitude towards the local farmers of Latvia,” said Māris on the Facebook social network, adding a photo with sacks of potatoes from England to his post.

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Maris continues to express his anxiety: “Read ZM [Zemkopības ministrijas] news: special incentives for those who will process insects for protein supplements. But for normal food, even for the same potatoes, the tax has already been increased from 5% to 12% this year and still in Latvia VAT on food is one of the highest in the EU‼️ With a tendency to increase. And here are the British fries. Friends, what do you think is the purpose of British potatoes being marketed by the local “Top”? (not even “Lidl” or “Maxima”),” Māris asks in his post.

Mara’s photo on Facebook shows that 1 kg of potatoes from England in the Ogre store “Top!” at the time of photographing, it cost 2.55 euros, and at that time the product was discounted to 2.09 euros.


Mara’s post, published at the end of January, received a wide response. Commentators were also quick to express their opinion about potatoes in Latvian stores and where they should be bought.

“Ignore it, many farmers offer and deliver, buy from small traders. It’s that simple,” advises Ina to Māris.

Pēteris comments: “For such a price, let them eat those potatoes themselves! I will buy from our own farmers at the market.”

“In England, we buy potatoes from Latvia for €1 kg, delivered by private individuals! Interesting, isn’t it?” says Sandra. “English potatoes are rarely unpalatable,” adds Juris.

“Boycott by not buying! Just like that!!!” that’s how Iveta comments on Mara’s post. “French fries are not tasty. Don’t ignore it, buy from the farmers,” advises a woman.

Raimonds adds: “It just means that you have to grow your own potato, carrot, beet etc…”

“It’s really interesting, because England is not in the European Union…Christmas gifts were delayed for almost two months, but the “green corridor” for potatoes, one might think that the last Latvian potato has been eaten in Ogre and there is nowhere else to take…” Rasma says on the Facebook social network.

“It’s called the global market in local execution, that is, we spit on the short food supply chains, the main thing is that In the panorama we tell you that we will live green and environmentally friendly! May those British potatoes come to those who really want to feel the “green breath of the world’s farmers”…” writes Antra.

Mara comments: “Those UK potatoes are not tasty. Watery. I haven’t bought it for several years. Then it is better to eat sweet potatoes in the UK.
But it would definitely be grown in Latvia. Several years ago, a Latvian living in the USA had taken some very tasty potatoes grown in Latvia to the USA. Planted in his garden. They did not taste as good as those grown in Latvia. Latvia is the best place for growing potatoes.”

“And such a price! I only buy from our farmers,” says a woman. “At least in Riga, it’s not that easy to buy Latvian potatoes…Many overbuyers, the quality is so…If you don’t have rural relatives, you have to buy both Egyptian and Italian,” Vilnis comments on Māra’s post.

“There are even new spotted potatoes here from Africa (in the spring there were Rimi from Egypt),” adds Margarita.

“Your own land, your own potatoes,” sums up Arta.



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