“It was terrible”; In Daugavpils, a drunk driver destroys the local area


This week in Daugavpils, a heavily drunk man sat in the driver’s seat of an “Audi” and terrorized the neighborhood of Stāvās Street, “Degpunktā” reports.

The dangerous pastimes of the 37-year-old man were recorded both in the police reports and in the smartphones of the residents of the neighborhood. The recorded video footage shows the Audi driver trying to drive out of the courtyard of the apartment building, but it turns out to be much more difficult than expected. A bunch of men run in different directions as a drunk driver reverses on the sidewalk. Neighbors watched the commotion through their windows.

“It was terrible. Small, I would go there, or the children would go out of the stairwell, anything could happen to a person. Unreal,” says the neighbor.

However, the activities of the Audi driver did not end with the crossing of the pedestrian path and grass. With a big bang, the man hit the car against the stairwell canopy.

“Either drunk or some kind of drug addict. Here, they drove from here, there are still wreckage here,” a local resident grumbles.

Legends still circulate among the residents of the ruined house, how intoxicated the uninvited guest sat behind the wheel for half a day. Among the guesses there are five, 3.3 and even eight per thousand.

Police representatives deny that the intoxication of the Audi driver reached such high and life-threatening levels. In any case, the man faces a serious punishment, because in addition to the damage to the building, the driver was seen to smash three parked vehicles.

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