67% of Latvian residents do not plan to eat healthier

67% of Latvian residents do not plan to eat healthier
67% of Latvian residents do not plan to eat healthier

Motivate yourself for lasting change

It is good to start every change implementation by knowing the purpose why we are doing it. Overweight and obesity are not a matter of good looks or bathing suit season, but of our health. Normal weight and wholesome nutrition will allow you to live more energetically, longer and with better quality. I invite you to realize that it is as important for the body as timely treatment and prevention of various illnesses. In order to find out how your body feels, it is worth visiting a family doctor at least once a year, taking tests and understanding why and how you need to take care of it.

Do not fall for fast diets and myths

Strict diets, rapid weight loss, giving up certain products or groups of products, eating unpalatable miracle products – in most cases, this is not necessary to improve your health. For example, unjustified refusal of dairy products, eggs or meat, can not only reduce the intake of necessary nutrients, but also encourage snacking. Rapid menu changes and weight fluctuations can do more harm than good to the body, so it is more important to eat quality and varied food than immediate results. New habits that easily and permanently fit into everyday life.

Start by being honest with yourself

The reasons for being overweight will certainly be different for each person, so the first step is to objectively see what kind of diet and how often we eat. It is recommended to write down your daily meals and snacks for a few days, because otherwise some people tend to embellish the situation – overly criticize their choices or, on the contrary, deny unhealthy habits.

Evaluate your menu by answering nine questions

I invite you to look at nutrition in a multifaceted way, to realize how many different ways there are to introduce changes in your everyday life. The first step is to openly answer simple questions that can show the direction of the necessary change.

Am I taking the required amount of liquid – water, tea? Does it make about 1.5 liters a day? The exact amount of water needed by the body can be calculated by multiplying 30 ml of water by each kilogram of body weight.

Is the amount of fruit and vegetables eaten every day equal to five handfuls of me? In this way, we can understand in a simplified way whether we are eating enough of them.

Do I have protein-containing products in my menu two, three times a day? How often and what meat and fish products do I eat? Fatty fish and poultry are what we should include in our diet more often, and industrially processed meat products less. Meat contains not only protein, but also B vitamins, zinc and iron, which are essential for general health. Do I eat legumes every week or are they only on the Christmas dinner table?

Do I take fats and what? Do I eat olive oil, nuts, seeds? It is important to remember that fats must also be consumed in the diet, they perform important functions and you should not be afraid, for example, to eat chicken wings or cheese.

How much and in what form do I consume carbohydrates? How much and how often do I consume carbohydrate-rich foods such as sugar, fast food and alcohol? Are there whole grains on the menu? Do I eat products with added sugar every day? What quality are they?

Do I use spices, or do I only improve the food with salt?

Do I have fermented foods in my diet? Sauerkraut, cucumbers, beets and others that are particularly relevant in the winter season?

How do I cook? How many cookies? Do I also eat grilled and fresh products?

How regularly do I eat? Do I snack and how often? Did I overeat?

Take the easiest step, not the biggest

What if you haven’t been able to make changes to your menu several times or you just don’t want to give up your favorite products? I need to start with the easiest changes for myself and train myself to believe that I am succeeding and that it really makes sense. Immediate drastic changes are not required.

People often think in categories – to introduce a strict menu with only healthy products, or not to pay attention to nutrition at all. But there are many more possibilities. If you like fried meat and you see that you eat fried food too often every day, maybe it’s worth buying baking bags, where it will be no less juicy and aromatic? Any improvement is significant. The change cannot be too small. In practice, it has been proven that it is small adjustments that do not cause discomfort to a person, that bring results.

Pamper yourself with aromatic and mineral-rich food

Who doesn’t like to treat themselves to food? It is the pleasure that gives joy to life. One way to do this while taking care of your body is by choosing local and seasonal produce. Of course, if we look only at the protein and fat content, for example, domestic chicken and foreign chicken will not differ significantly. However, meat, like other products, can also provide us with vitamins and valuable minerals, which will certainly be more in local products.

Local producers are easy to reach, allowing you to see the entire production process. If we want to get the best for ourselves, then it is worth paying attention to both the origin and the growing conditions, because it is all interconnected and affects the quality of the products. Even the tongues of gourmets can feel the difference.

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