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The Housing and Environment Department of the Riga Municipality, which supervises and manages specially protected natural areas in the capital, invites farmers to apply for grazing grass in nature reserves in the 2024 season by February 12. It would be preferable to offer grazing with cattle or horses

The department invites applications from interested parties who would be able to provide services for grazing from May 15 to September 15, ensuring the density of grazing in the pasture area from 0.5 to 0.8 cattle units per hectare, as well as ensuring the installation of an electric pasture fence in the territories and livestock monitoring. Since almost all meadows are located near water bodies, they can also be used for watering livestock

It is offered to graze meadows of different sizes (areas from 1 – 18 ha), which can be accessed by transport and which have already been mowed for several years in the “Vakarbulļi” and “Daugavgrīva” nature reserve areas of the “Piejūra” nature park, as well as in the “Jaunciems” nature reserve “

It should be noted that all meadows are partially wet, as they are located next to water bodies, reeds and sedges are also found in the wet parts. Some of the meadows are protected grassland habitats of great biological value of European Union importance

After receiving the applications, a price survey will be conducted on the offered prices for the performance of such a service, it is possible to conclude a service contract for several years

Applications can be sent by e-mail to [email protected] until February 12, specifying the cadastral numbers you would like to manage and your contact information.

Additional information: Līga Apsēna, chief specialist-expert of the Department of Nature and Greenery of the Housing and Environment Department of the Riga City Municipality, Environmental Department, phone +371 67181399, e-mail [email protected]

List of meadows:

  • Nature park “Piejūra”, nature reserve area “Vakarbulli”, kad. no. 01001090071, 01001090112, 01001090094, two meadows in total, one – 9 ha, the other 18 ha.
  • “Piejūra” nature park, “Daugavgrīva” nature reserve area, kad. no. 01001032060, there are several meadows from 3 to 18 ha.
  • Nature reserve “Jaunciems”, when no. 01001130634, Trīciciema, meadow 8 ha
  • Nature reserve “Jaunciems”, when no. 01001142087, meadow 1 ha
  • Nature reserve “Jaunciems”, when no. 01001282136, Sužos, meadow 9 ha

Indicative locations of plots on the map:

photo; riga.lv
photo; riga.lv
photo; riga.lv

Department of External Communication of Riga Municipality

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