Farmers are preparing for protests. Heavy equipment is going to block the road to Daugavpils

Farmers are preparing for protests. Heavy equipment is going to block the road to Daugavpils
Farmers are preparing for protests. Heavy equipment is going to block the road to Daugavpils

The site of the protest action in Koknese can be bypassed through the city of Koknese, but the municipality calls for moral support for the farmers and to be tolerant of the temporary traffic inconvenience that could occur during the protest action.

At the emergency meeting of farmers, which took place on November 2 of last year, representatives of the industry put forward specific demands to the Minister of Agriculture Armand Krauz (ZZS) – an immediate ban on the import of food products from Russia and Belarus without a transition period, restoration of the 5% reduced value added tax rate for fruits and berries characteristic of Latvia for vegetables, promotion of competitiveness of the sector, reduction of bureaucracy in the agricultural sector, wider access to insurance and working capital programs, as well as waiver of national-level land encumbrances or other restrictions on land use.

As reported, the association “Zemnieku saeima” plans to hold farmers’ protests throughout Latvia next week, the association said.

Chairman of the board of “Zemnieku Saeima” Juris Lazdiņš informs that since the extraordinary meeting of farmers in November of last year, in which farmers submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Minister Krauzem demands for the regulation of the industry, only one has been fulfilled so far.

“The measure of patience of Latvian farmers is full, and it is pouring over the edges. It is with regret that we must admit that the composition of the current government stands out especially for its arrogance and indifference,” emphasizes Lazdiņš.

He also mentions that the ministry ignores calls from non-governmental organizations to meet to discuss the industry’s problems.

Lazdiņš points out that the purpose of the protests, which will be started by farmers in various regions of Latvia on Monday, February 5, is to draw attention to and find a solution to many issues of the agricultural sector, which have not been resolved for a long time due to bureaucracy.

Regional farmers’ protests are also planned in Saldu, Kuldīga, Talsi, Liepaja, Jelgava, Dobele, Bauska, Valmiera, Gulbene, Limbaži, Daugavpils and Rēzekne and other places.

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