In Latvia, 25% of the population admits that the employer takes care of their emotional health


For half of the respondents who answered positively, this concern is manifested by respecting the employee’s personal time, 42% are provided with flexible work both in person and remotely. inform the representatives of the Latvian branch of the insurance company “Gjensidige”, referring to the data of the conducted survey.

Likewise, 40% of respondents organize activities that improve their well-being in their workplaces, as well as hold special lectures and seminars (29%).

Less frequently, or 11% of employees, a visit to a psychologist is paid for.

In general, according to the survey data, 29% of the population of Latvia take care of their emotional and mental health, and more often it is women who take care of it.

Survey data show that 46% of respondents in Latvia take care of their personal and family well-being by spending time with their family. On the other hand, every third resident of Latvia engages in reading books, enjoying music, and traveling in order to improve their well-being.

Survey data show that almost a fifth of the population periodically visits a sports club or regularly exercises at home, while 11% of respondents participate in running and walking activities.

According to the study, 11% of Latvian residents do not take any measures to improve their well-being.

The survey was conducted in 2023 in cooperation with the Nielsen research company, surveying a total of 1,600 residents aged 16 to 64.

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