Starting with the Vimbu festival, continuing with the regional festival, the “Bauska TASTE” and “Cieri” festivals; this year’s event guide has been announced


This week, the Bauska Culture Center has announced this year’s main cultural event plan in Bauska. Throughout the year, events for different tastes are planned, starting with the celebration of traditional holidays, continuing with events already loved by the community, such as “Vimbu svetki”, the music festival “Bauska TASTE” and the September evening walk in the old town of Bauska “Ciere”.

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The act of spring events in Bauska will begin with the joint celebration of Easter on Sunday, March 31. The Bauska Cultural Center informed that on this day, in the yard of the institution (Kalna Street 18), citizens and guests will be invited to celebrate the holidays together with Easter bunnies and a creative spring master class. In the afternoon, families will be able to participate in the performance of the Theater of Drawings, where three artists of different professions will improvise together with the audience – painter Ingrīda Ivane, musician Aleksejs Bahir and improviser Varis Klausitajs. At the end of the show, the audience will have the opportunity to try their hand at drawing, adding to the picture created together.

Sometimes in Bauska together with Easter, the “Vimbu Festival” is also celebrated, but when Easter falls in early spring, the “Vimbu Festival” is moved to a later time, when it is already warm and pleasant outside.

This year, the sixth Vimbu festival will take place on Saturday, April 20. This time, too, the place of the celebration by the river’s waters will remain the same – spring celebrants will be welcomed on the right bank of the Mūsa River (Krasta Street near the Bauska Stadium). The Bauska Culture Center announced that during this “Vimbu festival” educational activities will focus on the topic of water pollution and its reduction. The band “Gapoljeri” and the band “Kautkaili” will take the festive stage, while the youngest visitors will be encouraged by the concert program “Safety Festival” by musician Arturs Gruzdiņš.

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A special holiday program has been prepared for the national holiday, May 4. On this day, an open-air concert of the Latvian music legend “Turaidas Roze” will be held in Bauska’s Town Hall Square with favorite songs from the group’s golden repertoire. The audience of the concert will also be delighted by the folk dance ensemble “Madaras”, with whom the singer Olga Rajecka will also dance.

On May 28, I celebrated Viļas day, the concert program “Far shores” by Latvian National Theater actor Raimonds Celms and the promising pianist Matīs Žilinskas, dedicated to the poet’s 150th birthday, will be performed in the Saules garden near the Viļs Plūdonis monument. “Vilis Plūdonis was unknown to me until now. I only had a rough idea of ​​his work, this is our first collaboration. The invitation of young composer Matīs Žilinskis to perform his compositions is very honoring and inspiring. In songs, we try to reveal the secrets of the poet’s poetics with simple means of expression. And it seems that the author himself, as a wise pedagogue, comes to the rescue with timeless advice for us – the “future poets”. It seems that the time period between us and Plūdoni is not so big at all and “Far shores” hear and see each other,” reveals actor Raimonds Celms.

Bauska county holiday “Under the branches of the golden oak” will take place this year on June 1 in Bauska and will be dedicated to the city’s 415th anniversary. The municipality promises to announce a detailed holiday program later.

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In anticipation of the summer solstice, this year, on June 21, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the awakening of the most powerful sunrise of the year at the solstice sunrise welcome ceremony “Spīgo”. The spirit of the Ligo holiday will be complemented by the Medicinal Day market, which is planned to be held on June 22 in Bauska’s Town Hall Square.

Photo: Nauris Weiss

At the end of the second week of August – on August 9 and 10 – the large area of ​​Bauska Pilskalnas park will be occupied by the most anticipated event of the summer in the city – the sixth music festival “Bauska TASTE”, which will delight visitors with the performance of musicians popular in Latvia and Europe, exciting activities and carefree relaxation for two days .

Chairman of the Bauska County Council, Aivars Okmanis, revealed that an option was also considered to celebrate the anniversary of the city of Bauska together with the “Bauska TASTE” festival, but the municipality quickly rejected such an idea. A. Okmanis admitted that the festival should take place in Bauska, but the question is about its scale. At the end of last year, a discussion developed, which is the main target audience of the festival. “Who is this festival for, the residents of Bauska county, their friends or former residents, who don’t really care what top artists perform here, or the other part of the audience who have no emotional connection with Bauska, but come here because of certain musicians. For example, an audience from Lithuania came to listen to the performer “Daddy Was A Milkman” at Bauska Pilskalnis. Undeniably, top artists pay more and this means that the price of tickets will also be high, perhaps the local resident of Bauskas district, considering this circumstance, may not participate in the event,” says A. Okmanis and adds that it is being worked out how discounts should be granted in Bauskas for county resident card holders.

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Also, this year it will be necessary to adjust the improvement works of the mound area for the events. It should be reminded that the municipal government of Bauska region submitted a project for the improvement of the territory of the Bauska hill in the selection of projects of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) opened last year for the development of public outdoor space in the city. The representative of the Central Finance and Contracts Agency, Ieva Luste, specified that the evaluation of the projects will last until March 4 of this year. The municipalities of the Zemgale planning region have submitted seven projects, two – on the creation of an active recreation park and the improvement of the Bauska hill – came from the Bauska region. I. Luste emphasized that the funding available to the Zemgale planning region in the amount of 4,928,930 euros is sufficient to approve all seven projects if they meet the specified criteria.

A landscape architect, dendrologist and arborist are expected to be involved in the improvement of the territory of the Bauska mound. It is planned to develop a greening project of the territory by carrying out an inventory and assessment of the existing trees, providing for the care of valuable trees, the cutting of diseased, scenically worthless trees, as well as the planting of new trees and the installation of decorative greenery.

It is planned to design a new power supply with capacity increase possibilities and dismantling of the existing supply. Improvements are also planned for the pedestrian paths, creating paved (or other hard surface) paths and the driveway (irregular-shaped cracked granite paving stone in yellowish, beige and light gray colors). It is planned to create a well-equipped recreation area with viewing areas, energy-efficient lighting of the territory, power points for commercial purposes, as well as to provide video surveillance. In several places, there are well-equipped rest areas with various landscaping elements, such as benches and trash cans, bicycle sheds. It is also planned to install functionally usable drinking water taps and a heated public toilet container-type building with at least three sanitary rooms, providing separate facilities and hygiene rooms for women, men (for people with mobility impairments and including a changing table for children) and equipment. It is planned to illuminate the moats of Bauska Palace.

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Photo: from the archive

On Monday, September 2, Bauskas district students will be invited to ring in the beginning of the new school year in Bauskas Town Hall Square, where the Knowledge Day celebration will be held for the third year.

On the other hand, it is planned to end the warm weather season on September 7 with a leisurely walk in the old town of Bauska – during the day looking at Andelmani huts in the traditional “Zemgale market” and in the evening visiting the magnificent “Cieri”, whose fourth year will be dedicated to literature and the stories of personalities related to it.

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