In the Elias Museum – fabrics as works of art

In the Elias Museum – fabrics as works of art
In the Elias Museum – fabrics as works of art

“Titian – a name that evokes associations with the Venetian master of subtle tones of the late Renaissance, Titianus Vecelli, and his paintings. Vechelio is one of the rare old masters whose talent was already recognized during his lifetime. It is not for nothing that we have chosen a meaningful and strong word for our interior fabric salon – “Titians” – because we perceive fabrics as works of art,” says the exhibition application. At this exhibition, the Fabric Salon presents fabrics that include excellent visual, sensory and comfort quality, fabrics that embody both contemporary trends and cultural and historical traditions.

The creators of the exhibition are convinced that with fabrics, just like with paintings, you can create a conversation. Touch and feel. Appreciate nuanced halftones and lush colors, delicate ornament designs and gorgeous embroideries, surprising and unusual combinations of materials. Feel how the fabric appeals and seduces.

The collections of the “Ticians” salon are represented by world-renowned textile design brands – the companies “Jab”, “Pierre Frey”, “Dedar”, “Nobilis”, “Lelievre”, “Thibaut”, “Cassaro”, “Tassinari&Chatel” and others. At least twice a year, the salon supplements the collections with news from international design exhibitions such as “Maison Objet” in Paris, “Ambiente” in Frankfurt, “Decorex” in London and others.

  1. In January of 2018, the artists of the salon visited the international design exhibition in Paris “Paris Deco Off”, fabric samples from which can also be seen in this exhibition.

Salon “Titians” was founded in 2003. Its owner and creative director, Baiba Pāvuliņa, has been working in interior fabric design since 1996. The creative team consists of experienced professionals – designers with long-term experience and higher artistic education, Juta Treija and Patricija Tiknuse.

The exhibition is supplemented with the paintings of the interior designer painter P.Tiknuse.

It should be noted that the “Ticians” salon participated in the interior decoration of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, the State President’s office in the Riga Palace, the Riga Art Nouveau Museum and the Kuldīga County Museum, the “Baltic Beach Hotel” and others. Many projects have been realized in private interiors in Latvia and Europe.

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