About reforms – Gulbene district – Dzirkstele.lv

About reforms – Gulbene district – Dzirkstele.lv
About reforms – Gulbene district – Dzirkstele.lv
Minister of Education Anda Čakša continues to push the school reform in the country for approval by the government. As always, there is a lot of noise, there is a lack of respectful and reasoned discussions, there are no answers to many questions and there will hardly be any. In our region, the school reform has already taken place in several stages, it is not clear how exactly it will affect now, except for the fact that the sword of Damocles hangs over the Gulbish school. What have we as a society gained from the reforms at the moment? There are probably benefits, hopefully teachers’ salaries have increased, there are more professionals who can help teachers, students, but in general, there is too little information about the benefits for the public. For example, I would like to know how the reform has improved students’ knowledge.

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