Longing for reunion / Day

Longing for reunion / Day
Longing for reunion / Day

But this time, I don’t want to talk about harsh things again. This time a bit about the joy of language and jokes. Even if a candidate for the name of the year does not win laurels in this competition, it is still noticed and often later becomes embedded in the language, as if it had already lived there a long time ago. So, for example, it’s hard for me to imagine everyday life without free taps, selfies and influencers.

Does salt shaker deserve all the criticisms dedicated to it, which flooded the internet (or social networks) right after the announcement of the new name of the year? I don’t know – I’ll probably like to call soups (or any soups, I’m not sure that only solanka should be baptized with the new name) as salt soups. Just like croissants for hollow pies, as ironically, when criticizing the above-mentioned salt shaker, Kārlis Vērdiņš recommended on website X. It sounds so beautiful! Like rice balls instead of Japanese sushi. It already seems to me that the language taken from all of it becomes not only richer, but also draws attention to itself, making more than one person think – look, what jokes with those words! Or, paraphrasing the classic, “we as linguists” also need some joy.

Master of puppet animation Māris Putniņas would definitely have something to say about games with words (or more precisely – names) and their creation. In this On Saturday, when you read his memorial words, despite the sadness, you also want to smile a little – for the many characters and worlds that he created and left for us to inhabit forever. They have always been full of sparkling joy of life and keen observations. And one of the first Emergency teams series, until now, the world’s well-known fast food chain is being called Madonieti. This is how the Universe of Dolls he created and inhabited by himself will live for more than one lifetime.

And coming back to the words, in the beginning there are always them, only after that everything else is born. Until named, not yet.

So, eat hollowed-out pies at the salt oven, find what you want to find, look for name days in calendars, live with your stuffed animals and wear button-ups to the end! And let what is deep in the Daugava remain there for you!

This week, 2.-8. February, in the magazine On Saturday read:

NATIONAL TREASURES. The slowness of bubble projects and the alienation of calendars

Barely named, the new name of the year already managed to receive criticism, but in addition to the widely heard name of salt, many other sonorous, beautiful or simply interesting names were created and noticed last year. So like every year On Saturday publishes not only those chosen by the jury, but also other submitted candidates for the name of the year, non-name, new name and winged saying. Which of them would you honor?

IN MEMORIAM. With excitement and a light smile

Māris Putniņš (1950-2024), the inhabitant and creator of the Puppet Universe, wrote his name in Latvian cultural history not only with the famous Emergency brigadebut also scandalous at one time Pupils and several “side steps”, which only confirmed his versatility and talent

On Saturdays SALON. Duchy of Courland, vassal state of Lithuania

Historian Mārīte Jakovlēva on Landsberg’s Kurzeme roots, Gotthard Ketler’s unfulfilled hopes and the myth of Tobago’s Latvianness

IN THE WORLD. Political chess with US kings and queens

The US presidential election in November will definitely be the main international event of this year, as the future of the entire world will largely depend on its outcome. For this reason, huge attention has been paid to the primary elections of the two main parties in the USA, although this time even a convincing victory in them will not yet guarantee the party’s nomination for the final fight. Why is that, and what are the possible scenarios for the development of events?

DIARY. Business advice and training in Sardinia

In other words, anyone with a good business idea from Latvia can gain experience from already experienced entrepreneurs elsewhere in the world. In this case – a story of experience about developing a business in Sardinia, bringing to life an application that will help people with special needs live a full social life

TIME MACHINE. The real Robinson Crusoe?

315 years ago, the crew of the British ship Duke met their compatriot Alexander Selkirk, who had spent four years and four months there alone, on the seemingly uninhabited island of Massatiere in the southeast Pacific Ocean. It is widely believed that Selkirk is the prototype for the main character of Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe

RESEARCHED. The importance of “biological signature” in relationships

Dopamine-controlled connections in the brain dictate how strong friendships and romantic relationships form with different people


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