Proposes a service check on the “Latvijas pasta” ball for 180,000 euros

Proposes a service check on the “Latvijas pasta” ball for 180,000 euros
Proposes a service check on the “Latvijas pasta” ball for 180,000 euros

The Minister of Transport notes on social networks that measures are necessary for employees, but their costs must be adjusted to the company’s financial capabilities.

“Such waste is unacceptable – especially in the circumstances when the post office was going to close departments and lay off employees without evaluation and consultation,” Brishkens said.

As reported, the management of “Latvijas pasta” emphasizes that the company has a very difficult financial situation, therefore extensive work optimization measures were planned, including the plan to close 105 out of 176 post offices this year.

This plan was suspended by the leadership of the Ministry of Transport under public pressure.

After that, the company announced that the company will continue to work on a strategy to meet the needs of residents, and will also work on an evaluation process to agree on the most optimal solution – to keep all post offices or to keep offices only in city centers and other options. Stopping the plan to close post offices will require additional funding of around 2.1 million euros this year.

The turnover of “Latvijas pasta” in 2022 was 100.009 million euros, which is 5.1% less than in 2021, and the company also worked with a profit of 2.21 million euros, as opposed to losses the year before.

“Latvijas pasts” ensures the availability of postal services throughout the territory of Latvia. The main function of the company is the provision of universal postal service, in addition to providing commercial transport, express mail, payment, press, retail and philatelic services. “Latvijas pasts” is a fully state-owned company with approximately 2,300 employees.

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