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In the middle of this week, a meeting was held at the Iecava Culture House for the election of the Iecava City Residents’ Consultative Council. The candidates outlined their plans and vision for the council.

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On Wednesday evening, 37 citizens of Iecava came to the citizens’ council elections at the Iecava House of Culture, including six of the seven candidates for the council – Andri Jarusova, Gati Štolcer, Natalja Kartiševa, Arta Kauķi, Jānis Brigi and Matīsa Rusu. Candidate Iveta Klints could not attend the meeting in person.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the administration of the Iecava association, Normunds Vāvers, following the protocol, told the attendees the agenda, as well as detailed information about the residents’ advisory council – its activities and goals, as well as the rights and obligations of council members. N. Vavers asked the residents if they agree that the consultative council of the residents of the city of Iecava will be made up of seven members, which was unanimously accepted by all.

It was also mentioned that the required number of candidates has not yet applied in Iecava Parish, so, as N. Vävers said, “we are still open and accepting candidate applications for the Iecava Parish Residents’ Consultative Council.”

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The head of the administration of the Iecava association asked the council candidates in alphabetical order to briefly tell about themselves and their goals for joining the council.

Candidate Jānis Briģis said that he is a former resident of Riga, but has been living in Iecava for three years. “I am a landscape architect and technician by profession, and I currently work at the Iecava School of Music and Art as a farm manager,” he introduced himself, “I applied to the council because I have views on the urban environment, and I will also try to be useful and open to residents’ questions and suggestions. »

On the other hand, Andris Jarusovs gave the following message about himself: “I have lived in Iecava for almost fifteen years, but I came from Vidzeme, Gulbene. I once moved to Iecava for work, and I think that the people of Iecava are very lucky to have this place, because it is beautiful and has great potential.» He is a lawyer by education, but currently working in the maritime industry. “That’s why I’ve been lucky to see many cities outside of Latvia. I believe that my experience and what I have seen could contribute to Iecava».

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Candidate Natalja Kartisheva was born, grew up and studied in Iecava. “I own a company in the field of beauty care, and due to the specifics of my work, I meet with the residents of Iecava every day. I am the chairman of the parents’ council of the Iecava secondary school and the School of Music and Art, and outside of my work duties, I am actively involved in both social and cultural life in the city. I applied to the council to represent the voice of the people of Iecava – I hope to be useful both to the residents and to Iecava itself.”

SELECT 37 residents had come to the consultative council of the residents of the city of Iecava. Photo: Kaspars Kalējs

Arta Kauķe told the audience that she is a biologist by education and works in the environmental sector on a daily basis. The candidate sees an opportunity in Iecava from both the planning point of view and the private sector, and also believes that Iecava has a great potential to become a built-up area of ​​Pierīga, where young families and professionals can live.

N. Vavers reads the self-characterization of the absent candidate Iveta Klints to the citizens, in which it is said that the candidate has worked in the field of accounting for more than 30 years, of which 11 years as the chief accountant. She is a financier by education and also worked as a senior accountant in the Finance Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. I. Klints said in her description that the idea of ​​participation in the citizens’ consultative
it was self-evident to be persecuted in the council, because she is an optimist by conviction, who believes that we can change something only by ourselves, starting with ourselves.

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Candidate Matīss Rusa said that he was born and raised in Iecava, later moved to Riga, but now returned to his hometown. “When my family and I returned to live in Iecava, I had set myself the goal that Iecava had given me for 20 years, so now it’s my time to give back to the city. Noticing this opportunity, I realized that I would start with it,” says M. Rusa, “I have been engaged in business for more than 15 years, I am a co-owner of several start-ups. My goal is to achieve such a feeling of inductees that they can be proud of being inductees.”

“I can call myself a full-fledged inductee for about one year, because I myself come from the former Babite district. On a daily basis, I work in the Riga City Council as the head of the neighborhood development department. Our goal is to be a “bridge” between the residents and the municipality, in order to convey the residents’ ideas and submissions to the municipality,” candidate Gatis Štolcers told the council about himself and his vision, “I heard great stories from those who are already “with roots” in Iecava, as well as from various professional experience, and I believe that the board already looks strong, so I would love to be part of the team.»

After the introduction of the candidates, the voting was opened, and when the votes were counted, the results indicated that all the candidates who applied were elected to the council.

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Photo: Municipality of Bauska region

The head of the administration of the Iecava association invited residents to ask questions about the residents’ council, and one resident was interested in whether and how she would be able to convey her questions and problem situations to the members of the council. Council members answered that they will agree on different communication options so that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, and the council meetings will be open and anyone interested can attend them. “Bauskas Dzīve” wanted to know why, according to the residents’ council, such a council is necessary at all. N. Kartisheva answered that this is necessary so that residents have the opportunity to become closer to the municipality: «I work with people every day, so I often hear about various domestic problems, also many ideas and dreams that are applicable to the city of Iecava. It’s hard to keep it inside all the time, so I want to pass on what I heard.” She decided to apply to the council herself, because she considers herself a patriot of the city and such involvement is important. “According to what I heard today, I can conclude that we will definitely be a good team – I already know most of the council members, but the ones I don’t know yet are also very strong, so I’m glad that they have applied.”

Council member A. Jarusovs believes that the residents’ council in Iecava could ensure a better connection between the residents and the administration of the association, as well as popularize and implement the ideas of both the council and the residents. “I was encouraged to apply to the council, but I did not doubt it for a long time – one evening I thought about everything and applied. Everyone has their own opportunities, there are people who work until late at night, and they don’t have such opportunities, but if there is free time, then why not do it,” argues A. Yarusov, “I think, every person from this newly created council has a field , which is closer to him, so the ideas are about different spheres. I personally think that the surrounding environment also makes a person happy, not only for the eyes, but also for the inner spirit and active recreation. I think that an environment should be created in Iecava, where both pensioners and other residents, not only professional athletes, can exercise.»

He says that while working in the maritime field, he managed to see various good examples in other parts of the world – in Sweden, the Netherlands and elsewhere. “Stockholm has very beautiful parks, there are many of them, and something similar could be developed in Iecava as well, because we already have parks. Amsterdam has a well-developed bicycle infrastructure, but this is not a matter of the near future.» A. Jarusov believes that the council will work well if the members themselves really want to do it.

“Statistically, citizen participation is very weak in Latvia, including in planning processes in municipalities. The closer the receiver is to the emitter of the signal, the more people listening in the population, the easier it is to convey the message. It’s not just in municipalities, it’s in various sectors – everywhere people are “forced” to participate, and I support it,” says A. Kauķe, “I think that in Iecava we should start with the arrangement of the city center and the market, because in historically ancient cultures this is also the case has always been a meeting place of civilization. Also the participation of the private sector». She says that the professional fields of the other council members intrigued her, and A. Kauķe is also looking for such people for her private cooperation projects. “I highly value their competences, in my opinion, it couldn’t be better – we have an environmental specialist, a lawyer, a neighborhood development specialist and representatives of other fields.”

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