“Unbeknownst to us, we can run out of money”


“Swedbank” announces sad and unpleasant news. The representatives reveal that customers can run out of money without knowing it, so you should carefully follow these recommendations so that this does not happen.

“Swedbank” media relations manager Jānis Krops informed about a new type of fraud in Latvia, where financial fraudsters call residents and encourage them to refer to “security operations”, claiming that this will help catch fraudsters.

Among them, “Swedbank” customers are invited to withdraw cash and hand it over to “security service employees”, who will “keep it in a safe place” or use it to catch criminals.

In some cases, fraudsters even ask to transfer the withdrawn money by taxi to another Latvian city and hand it over to the “security services employees”.

“Swedbank” calls on citizens to be very critical of any request to disclose personal data and to strictly observe caution, under no circumstances responding to requests to transfer cash or make transfers to a “safe bank account”.

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Let us remind you that the company “Swedbank” is one of the largest and most popular banking companies in the Baltic States, including Latvia.

Its full name is Swedbank AB and it is part of the Swedish financial group Swedbank. Swedbank operates in several countries and its services include banking for individuals, companies and other areas of financial services.

Citizens are advised to contact the bank by calling the number 67444444 if they suspect a fraud attempt.

“Swedbank” representatives emphasize a very important detail. They ask for careful consideration!

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