Evidence of Latvia’s history can be seen in the “Lielais dzintars” concert hall – Culture, art

Evidence of Latvia’s history can be seen in the “Lielais dzintars” concert hall – Culture, art
Evidence of Latvia’s history can be seen in the “Lielais dzintars” concert hall – Culture, art
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Until December 15, visitors to the “Lielais dzintars” concert hall in Liepāja have the opportunity to view the Latvian National Archives exhibition “There is Latvia. Latvia is free”, which through various documents, photographs and audiovisual materials reflects the most important events and personalities of the history of Latvia from the middle of the 19th century to 20th century 90s. The exhibition can be viewed in the art room “Civita Nova” without entrance fee.

“Both the formation of the state and the restoration of its independence was a complicated process, which would not have been possible without the implementation of the Latvian nation’s right to self-determination, the will of the people of Latvia to create, defend and develop their country, after many decades – to restore its independence,” explained the exhibition application. “The maintenance of the question of the restoration of the independence of the Baltic States, which lasted for more than 50 years, was unprecedented in international politics and diplomacy and international law.”

The exhibition includes documents collected in the National Archives of Latvia – the creation of the Latvian state, its independent existence, the Republic of Latvia de iure evidence of maintaining the status (during the years of occupation), the Third Awakening of the Latvian people and the restoration of the country’s independence.

Photo gallery for download: https://failiem.lv/u/2kad55p686 (Author: OHM.LV)

The proclamation of the Republic of Latvia on November 18, 1918 took place in difficult domestic political and international circumstances. Only on January 26, 1921, the Entente powers (Supreme Council of the Allies: Great Britain, France, Japan, Belgium and Italy) recognized the state of Latvia de iure without any restrictions or regulations. All together Latvia in the first period of independence de iure was recognized by 42 countries – the majority of the world’s existing countries at that time.

The exhibition is complemented by photos from the private archives of photographers Andras Tenas and Boris Kolesnikov. The creative team and compilers of the catalog are Meldra Usenko and Antra Mazūras, experts of the National Archives of Latvia, Ainārs Lerhis, the leading researcher of the Institute of Latvian History of the University of Latvia, artists Dace Māra Kokina and Solvita Ozola.

The exhibition was created at the end of the program of events for the centenary of the Latvian state, celebrating the recognitions of the Latvian state de iure centenary on January 26, 2021. Liepāja is the first city outside of Riga where it can be visited by residents.

The exhibition can be viewed by visitors during the working hours of the concert hall from Monday to Friday: 11.00-17.00, Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00-15.00. The exhibition is organized by SIA “Lielais Dzintars” in cooperation with the National Archives of Latvia and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia. Supported by: Liepāja Municipality, European Regional Development Fund.

More information is available on the website www.lielaisdzintars.lv.

SIA “Lielais Dzintars”

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