The court arrested Haita, the suspect in the murder of a businessman from Latgale / Diena

The court arrested Haita, the suspect in the murder of a businessman from Latgale / Diena
The court arrested Haita, the suspect in the murder of a businessman from Latgale / Diena

As LETA agency was informed by the Public Relations Department of the State Police, the arrest was applied to the person born in 1975 as a security measure.

Another person was arrested and recognized as a suspect in the case – a man born in 1991. The police asked to arrest him as well, but the court refused to impose arrest, so the police will determine some other security measure for this person, not related to deprivation of liberty. However, at the same time, the police is going to challenge the decision of the investigating judge, which refused to apply detention to the man born in 1991.

So far, the information obtained in the investigation has given the basis to requalify the previously started criminal proceedings according to Article 117, Clause 10 of the Criminal Law on murder under aggravated circumstances in a group. Initially, the criminal process was started according to Article 116 of the Criminal Law for the intentional unlawful killing of another person.

The State Police is continuing the investigation in the criminal process and is currently refraining from further comments.

It has already been reported that the businessman and politician Lubka was murdered in Rēzekne on Friday near the shopping center. The State Police immediately implemented the special operation “Traps” and caught the suspect – Hyta, born in 1975.

As the LETA agency was informed by the State Police, on Friday at around 1:58 p.m., information was received that several shots were fired at a man born in 1963 near a construction store in Rēzekne, Atbrīvošanas alley 190A, who died at the scene from his injuries, after which the shooter left the scene. place with a “Volkswagen Touareg” car.

Extensive search measures were immediately started, during which the State Police announced the special plan “Traps”, attracting police forces to search for and arrest the guilty person. In about an hour and a half, the driver of the wanted car was identified and arrested.

After clarifying the circumstances of the incident, information was obtained that the shooter is Hyts, born in 1975, who got out of the car in Rēzekne district, Vērēmi parish.

At the same time, the Rēzekne branch of the Criminal Police Office of the Latgale Regional Administration of the State Police started a criminal process.

On Friday, the preliminary information at the disposal of the police indicated that a moment before the criminal offense was committed, there was a mutual conflict between the involved persons.

The murdered man was elected to the Ludza County Council from the list of Greens and farmers.

“” information shows that Ljubkas, born in 1963, owns the woodworking company “Lūsēni”, whose actual address is Varoņu iela Rēzekne.

Last year, the company had a turnover of 18,529,485 euros and worked with a profit of 7,138,909 euros. The man also worked in the association “Mežvidu līnis”, the hunting association “Snaiperi”, the hunting club “Ziķeri” and the association “Latgale producing farmers’ association

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