The police are warning all car owners


The traffic police is a specialized police unit whose main task is to ensure compliance with traffic rules on the roads.

These police units usually perform various functions such as regulating traffic, ensuring road safety, investigating traffic accidents, issuing fines for violations and performing other related activities to improve road safety.

Their presence on the roads helps to improve the overall safety and regulation of road traffic. In Latvian society, there are different positions and opinions regarding the country’s patriots and people with different thinking tendencies.

These differences are periodically manifested through various events related to national issues. These events can contribute to outbreaks of controversy and debate, bringing to the fore themes of national identity, belonging and mutual understanding.

This creates a broader discussion about the diversity of Latvian society and values ​​that are important for the development and unity of the country. And it is in this connection that something really abnormal has happened!

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