Digitization of graves of Saulkrasti city has been completed

Digitization of graves of Saulkrasti city has been completed
Digitization of graves of Saulkrasti city has been completed

The municipality of Saulkrasti district has implemented the project “Digitalization of grave information of the city of Saulkrasti”, which allows everyone to find the grave of their loved one, relative or ancestor in the digital environment, informed the municipality.

As a result of the implementation of the project, the survey, inventory and digitization of the Saulkrasti city cemetery were carried out in order to organize the cemetery documentation, the record of the buried persons and facilitate the citizens’ access to information, thereby promoting the preservation of cultural and historical heritage values.

The implementation of the project gives an opportunity to any person to get acquainted with the current events of the cemetery – grave feasts, candlelight vigils -, to search for their resting place, as well as to supplement the existing database with information – photos, life stories, memorial records and other information.

The map and available data of Saulkrasti city cemetery can be viewed at “www.cemety.lv/public/cemeteries/1434”.

The municipality invites you to view the available materials and, if necessary, provide additional information by writing to the e-mail “This email address is being protected from spambots. Your browser must have JavaScript support turned on to view it.“.

Digitization works were carried out in the project “Digitalization of graves of the city of Saulkrasti”, the cost of which is 12,084 euros, of which 10,875 euros are financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and 1,209 euros are co-financed by the municipality.

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