Some recommendations, conclusions and requests related to the state-owned former LKP Central Committee building at Elizabetes Street 2

Some recommendations, conclusions and requests related to the state-owned former LKP Central Committee building at Elizabetes Street 2
Some recommendations, conclusions and requests related to the state-owned former LKP Central Committee building at Elizabetes Street 2


1) although the authors of the photo-fixation ( have an obvious grasp, we recommend that those responsible for the photo-fixation take a two-week photo training course at RLMMāy at the first opportunity (we remind you that VAS “Valsts real estate” (“VNĪ”), we offered a 50% discount to VDD and State Police employees) at the best Latvian photographers;

2) although the overall evaluation of the photofixation transformed into a photocollage is 7 out of 10 in the eyes of RLMMāya, we recommend that the employees responsible for the photofixation take a short course in the development of contemporary art in the last 75 years, gaining even a small idea of ​​the difference between s…du forced out of necessity and created by creative self-expression a work of art (it can be done for free in one of the MOOCs organized by Yale University or for a small fee here at RLMMāy (as already mentioned, we offered a 50% discount to employees of VAS “VNĪ”, VDD and the State Police);

3) although several successful photo-compositions can be seen in the photo collage attached to the document, they leave rather the impression of random luck and good-willed intuition, rather than compositional understanding; we recommend that you learn the basics of composition at LMA in absentia or in the short RLMMāyas composition courses (for available discounts, see above);

4) since the surveyors of the “Premises” obviously have no idea about the condition in which the building was accepted on July 14, 2023, when the “photo-fixation” of the premises was not carried out before signing the act of acceptance-handover, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the E2-E2 of the building (previous address , remembering the chess moves, must be pronounced in Russian), which is now located at an address not yet registered with the Latvian Post at Elizabetes Street 2.0, the history and the attached photos (the history of the building can best be told about the history of the RLMMāyas Third Red Head Uldis Lukševics and Fourth Black Head Vladimirs Neilands; consultations about the use of the building can be can also be provided by Fourth Red Head Anna Bētiņa; if necessary, we can offer a two-day course of lectures and seminars on the history of the building and its possible use for public benefit to the employees of VAS “VNĪ” and other interested state institutions.

Since VAS “VNĪ” already on the morning of the next day after the end of the lease agreement on 15.11.2023, by breaking the door and changing the locks of the keys issued to the householders, demonstrated brute force and sowed fear and panic in the householders of RLMMāyas due to possible violence, and despite the fact that the contract requires the premises to be vacated within 10 working days after the expiration of the contract period, prevents in various ways artists, dancers, thinkers and other fools who have breathed life into a neglected building of VAS “VNĪ” from getting to their work tools, premises and sources of life, please:

a) to make available to all residents of RLMMāyas the rooms that they have learned and warmed with the warmth of their hearts 24/7 until the end of the deadline for releasing the rooms on 02.12.2023. – we explain that, unlike civil servants and security company employees, artists, musicians, dancers, thinkers and other fools, there is no difference between holidays and working days, Friday is not a short day and night is not worse than daylight (a large part of the RLMMāyā works of art and mycology require careful supervision);

b) since cooperation with VAS “VNĪ” outsourced SIA “Megasargs” was flawless and problem-free during the term of the lease agreement, creating an additional sense of security for the residents of RLMMāyas, we hope that the employees of “Megasargs” who take care of the building and its surroundings in an atmosphere of mutual benevolence won’t mind if their every move in RLMMāyā is followed by MMāya’s Right Eye, Left Eye, Prostate, Clit, Cold Heart, Dildosaur, Hallucination, Green Fairy, Hot Heart, Nervous System, and Right Hand (also historically known as “The Thing”); not being sure about the artistic understanding of the employees of VAS “VNĪ” and the ability to distinguish between the created and the damaged and torn, we ask the aforementioned homeowners to give full access to every movement of SIA “Megasargs” and a full report on the activities in the building, which currently houses works of art worth several hundred thousand euros;

c) until the householders completely free the building from their belongings, restore the electricity and water supply in the 5th Black Wing, 5th White Wing and 4th White Wing of the building, where artists and businessmen grow mushrooms under carefully maintained temperature conditions, which require particularly careful care and, as known to every mycologist, does not particularly like to move (slime mushrooms were excluded from the mushroom kingdom precisely because of their initial movement) and requires a sterile environment and stable temperature in artificial conditions (if necessary, we can offer VAS “VNĪ” employees weekly courses in mycology at a significant discount);

d) whereas at the first RLMMāyas presidium meeting on 15.07.2023. an unwritten decision was made that the building will be a child- and animal-friendly environment, please do not scare the children and animals accompanying the adult householders.

Long-term mismanagement, historically and artistically uneducated attitude towards the “Premises” on the part of VAS “VNĪ” has caused significant damage to the building. For the sake of clarity, we are attaching a photo series with the consequences of long-term carelessness of VAS “VNĪ”, which we will gladly not introduce to the public, if our requests are fulfilled by 17.11.2023. 15:00. Thank you for your cooperation so far. Any photos you send will be released to the press, either with this letter and the attached images, or separately. By sending this letter and photos to the press, we will also provide the press with a “video recording” of the first visits to the building together with competent specialists.

PS If anyone is interested in the situation in which VAS “VNĪ” has now entered the building, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Chapter II of Virgil’s “Aeneid” dedicated to the prehistory and foundation of Rome (the text is also available in Latvian translations by Matīs Siliņš, Jānis Sudrabkalns, Jānis Romanas and Augustus Điezens, the translator’s death due to the fact that the last translation was published by Abram Feldhun in 1970). As the Trojan priest Laokont said: “Equo ne credite, Teucri”.

PPS This letter has not been signed electronically or otherwise, has not been printed and has so far been sent only to the addressees listed on the first page. We will save the most gruesome images documenting the uneconomic behavior of VAS “VNĪ” for the next episode of mutual correspondence.

Pictures can be viewed here:

* Sincerely hoping for an understanding, the Captain of the Cosmic Ship of Fools and several other fools who wish to remain anonymous for their safety.

The article is in Latvian

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