Ventspils produces the world’s smallest air quality meter

Ventspils produces the world’s smallest air quality meter
Ventspils produces the world’s smallest air quality meter

This month, a company in Ventspils is also celebrating its anniversary, which will produce a unique product – the world’s smallest air quality meter. Latvian entrepreneurs plan to export the small electronic equipment to many different countries, but in November the meter is produced in the colors of the Latvian national flag. Immediately after the holidays, the company plans to move to larger premises, which Ventspils municipality offers as a first-time practice, starting to build and rent industrial premises suitable for production at its own expense.

Aspired is celebrating its company’s 11th birthday in November. If initially interactive stands were produced and a patenting laboratory operated in small premises, then this autumn entrepreneurs are proudly showing the latest idea – an air quality meter model, made in the colors of the Latvian flag. Eduards Pērkons, member of the board of SIA “Aspired”: “It is a unique air quality meter or CO2 sensor that measures CO2 concentration indoors. Unique in that it is individually customizable, currently the smallest in size in the world. Built in an aluminum body with “Gorilla glas” glass, available in 45 different designs.”

It is planned that after the holidays, the company will leave its premises in the Hi-Tech Park and move to zero as commissioned premises in the city’s industrial zone. In order to have new jobs in Ventspils, the municipality of Ventspils took a risk and independently financed the construction of an industrial production building for the first time. Head of PI “Ventspils osta” Imants Sarmulis: “Ventspils is in the first place in Latvia in terms of volume of production per inhabitant. Little is said about it and few know it. There is no other place in Latvia where so much production is produced per inhabitant as it is in Ventspils.”

Two companies can use the two-and-a-half-thousand-square-meter building autonomously, but the aforementioned SIA “Aspired” won the space auction and decided to use the entire area for its production needs. The new production facility will provide a full production cycle – from the development of the model based on the samples or drawings provided by the customer, to the delivery of the finished product. As the latest business idea, a model called AIR VIRED was created. Perkon: “Such a meter is necessary for people who care about their health, air quality, the air they stay in when they are at home or at their workplace.”

Air meters are a device that currently works in all Ventspils schools and signals when the amount of oxygen has approached the critical norm. Taking part in the competition for the installation of such equipment, Ventspils businessmen had realized that they could create a better, smaller and more convenient model, so they created it themselves.

Thunder: “With this product, of course, we are looking exclusively in the export direction, our target markets are America, Germany and other European countries.”

Already the first exhibitions where the air quality meter produced in Ventspils was presented have brought results, so next year all efforts will be directed to export the smallest air meter in the world. The small device is also personalized and can be made not only in the colors of the flag of Latvia, but also in the colors of the flag of any other country, it can also be made in any other individual design.

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