The Zolitude tragedy 10 years ago – through the eyes of public informants

The Zolitude tragedy 10 years ago – through the eyes of public informants
The Zolitude tragedy 10 years ago – through the eyes of public informants

Tuesday, November 21 marks 10 years since the tragedy in Zolitude, where 54 people lost their lives when the roof of the “Maxima” supermarket collapsed. On Tuesday, November 21 at 12.00 in the program “Spried with Delphi”, in which journalist Andris Auzāns will talk with the then press representative of the State Fire and Rescue Service Inga Veteri, the then press representative of the State Police Tomas Sadovski and photojournalist Edi Pālēnas.

On November 21, 2013, when the “Maxima” supermarket collapsed in Zolitude, 54 people lost their lives, and several dozen were seriously injured. In ten years, the case against those involved has gone through two court instances, but the final verdict has not yet been reached. The first two court instances found only the construction engineer Ivars Sergeta guilty.

Construction experts concluded that the tragedy happened because the loads on the roof structures were incorrectly calculated, which is why it collapsed. The prosecutor’s office brought charges against nine persons for violation of construction regulations, failure to fulfill the duties of a public official, manslaughter due to carelessness and violation of labor protection regulations.

In order to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the Zolitude tragedy, a memorial event will be held in Riga on November 21, the LETA agency was informed by the Riga City Council. The event will take place at the Zolitude tragedy memorial site, which is currently being transformed into a Garden of Remembrance in Riga’s urban environment.

After the memorial concert, 54 beams of laser light will be shot into the sky, symbolizing the 54 people who lost their lives in this tragedy and whose souls passed away. After that, fire brigade sirens will be activated in memory of the victims of the tragedy. After the memorial event, visitors will have the opportunity to lay flowers and light candles.

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