The relative of the patient attacked the doctor of Eastern Hospital

The relative of the patient attacked the doctor of Eastern Hospital
The relative of the patient attacked the doctor of Eastern Hospital

Eastern hospital representative Ilga Namniece informed the LETA agency that the patient was brought to the medical institution after long-term resuscitation measures. Medical measures were continued for him, and then all the diagnostic examinations and doctors’ councils required by the regulatory framework were carried out, including the initiation of the brain death protocol.

Showing aggressive disagreement with this decision of the council of doctors, the patient’s relatives disrupted the work of the intensive care clinic in various ways, and as a result one of them attacked the doctor. The doctor was injured and was unable to work, but on Monday night the doctor got worse and was taken to the hospital.

Cases when patients show aggression towards the hospital’s treatment and care staff or other employees are not rare, but causing bodily harm to a doctor who is performing his work duties is considered an extraordinary situation, admits Namniece. Employees of the State Police were also called to the hospital.

Ilze Aizsilniece, president of the Latvian Association of Doctors, pointed out that low health literacy in Latvia is to blame for such conflicts, so people need to be educated more widely.

She also believes that hospitals, especially in this type of department like intensive care, need the support of a psychologist for both patients and doctors, and a psychologist could also provide the mediation process.

“It is time to start thinking about the relationship between patients and doctors, their improvement, development and support for both parties,” emphasizes Aizsilniece.

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