Vidzeme hospital employees are proud of their hobbies at the exhibition

Vidzeme hospital employees are proud of their hobbies at the exhibition
Vidzeme hospital employees are proud of their hobbies at the exhibition

Doctors perform very important and responsible work every day – they take care of the well-being and recovery of health of every patient. In his spare time, he recovers his daily balance with the help of hobbies. For the second year, the exhibition “My hobby” was created at the Vidzeme hospital, where everyone could see how the hospital staff spends their free time for just one day.

Dancing, painting, knitting, restoring furniture – these are just some of the hobbies that the medical and administrative staff of Vidzeme Hospital do in their spare time. It was possible to see the hobbies of the employees at the exhibition in the hospital polyclinic. As Uģis Muskovs, chairman of the board of Vidzeme Hospital, reveals, the exhibition is an initiative of the employees themselves. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to show that we not only know how to work well and hard, we know how to relax, we know how to relax well, we are even artists, we can write poetry, we can sew, we can make jewelry, we can forge, we can have fun, and it just shows how versatile there are employees and also doctors.”

Vidzeme hospital’s infectious disease specialist Signe Jākabsone also brought some of her magnificent works to the exhibition. In her spare time, she enjoys baking bread, collecting wind chimes, painting, growing garlic and making bouquets of it, and much more. “For the time being, the last things that matter are growing raspberries, thus making syrups and jams, growing garlic, then braiding again, making bouquets, because all teachers are always gifted not with ordinary flowers, but with garlic, which will also be useful when raising small children . As in medicine, the more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know. It’s the same with hobbies. The more you start doing, then you realize how much more you can do.”

Other doctors of the Vidzeme Hospital like to spend their free time actively moving, for example, climbing mountains and dancing. Surgical nurse Zeltīte Kampe says that although she has liked dancing since childhood, she found her true love only eight years ago. “As a child, my favorite shows were ballet – there was no particular choice. But I watched what was available and chose ballet. I was interested all my life, in my 40s I got together and went to folk dances for the first time. They didn’t really appeal to me, although it didn’t matter, if I wanted to dance, I danced anyway. And then after that I chose something else – at some point I danced contemporary dances in Riga, then I discovered the group “Greys” in Valga under the studio “Joy”.

Zeltite Kampe also says that when thinking about dance steps, all problems are forgotten. When answering the question of how to combine hobbies with work, doctors say that if you really want to, you can, besides, there are also hobbies, such as beekeeping and growing plants, that need to be planned on a daily basis.

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