The residents of Ogre region are honored on Latvian holidays

The residents of Ogre region are honored on Latvian holidays
The residents of Ogre region are honored on Latvian holidays

On November 18, a solemn event dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia was held in the Ogre State Gymnasium, where the residents of the Ogre region, as well as businessmen, were honored.

Opening the event, the chairman of the municipal council of Ogre region, Egils Helmanis, invited everyone to think about what Latvia is: “Latvia is created by each of us, doing our work in good faith. Latvia is our scale of values, our dreams and conscience, as well as our responsibility to protect it.”

He emphasized that this time the celebration takes place in a modern school, where young people, the next generation, who will shape the future of our country, acquire knowledge: “We are proud that we can provide them with such an opportunity!”

“Today, doers have gathered here, not talkers. Thank you to each of you who have strengthened Latvia with your work and thoughts. I wish everyone not to lose strength, faith in themselves and their own strength, their country and its eternity,” wished E. Helmanis.

This year’s winners were honored as part of the event of the title “Honorary District of Ogres” winners – Laima Prekele, Latvian language and literature teacher of Edgar Kauliņš Lielvārde High School, Līga Zaķe, head of Ogresgal parish preschool educational institution “Ābelīte”, Maruta Stucka, former head of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Department of SIA “Ogres District Hospital”.

They were also welcomed of the title “Ogre District of the Year” winners – Sanita Bertmane, head of the association “Ikšķiles Senioru skola”, Inta Žube, founder and chairman of the board of SIA “Izaugsmes Spots”, Līga Pudule, nurse of Birzgale parish preschool educational institution “Birztaliņa” and Birzgale family doctor’s practice, Ogre theater artist Ilze Kupča-Ziemele and SIA “Ogre District Hospital” nurse Irēna Birkhāne.

We invite you to learn more about the award winners on the Facebook profile of the social network of the municipality of Ogre region.

During the event, this year’s letters of thanks were presented “Entrepreneurs’ Day” of Ogre region to the participants who allowed everyone to see their daily work – SIA “BeeBox” in Ciemupė, Baskāju trail in Tīnūži, Sierstelle production plant in Ikšķili, SIA “Grīdas – Grīdas” in Lielvārde, SIA “Silver Standard Houses” in Birzgalė, “Sniega suņi” association in Ogre, SIA “Izaugsmes” Spots” in Ogre, SIA “” in Ogre, Lapsu Home Cheese in Ogre, SIA “VSL Partikas Grupa” in Ogresgal, IK “Ķeipenieši”, Krapes manor water mill, SIA “LAUSKIS” in Lēdmane, SIA “Lūšu Drava” in Lielvārde parish.

At the end of the event, it was opened at The sign “The future is in your hands” installed in the Ogre State Gymnasium building. Gints Sīviņš, deputy chairman of the municipal council of Ogre region, stated that its message is to invite to think more broadly, because this school opens its doors to the whole world. “The sign symbolically indicates kilometers to the world’s best universities, including Riga. But these are only kilometers that anyone can turn into reality. The sign is located in a symbolic place where everyone can see it – students, teachers, visitors to the sports arena, passers-by. Every time you pass by, it invites you to think that the future is in our hands, everything depends only on ourselves.”

Singer Viktorija Majore and concertmaster Viktorija Rinkule delighted the audience with their musical performance.

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