A unique taproom has started working in Latvia, where it is possible to transfer up to 100 bottles at the same time

A unique taproom has started working in Latvia, where it is possible to transfer up to 100 bottles at the same time
A unique taproom has started working in Latvia, where it is possible to transfer up to 100 bottles at the same time

SIA Depozīta Iepakojuma Operators (DIO) in cooperation with SIA “Tomra Collection Latvia” and retailer SIA “Maxima Latvija” has installed the first bulk taromat or bulk taromat in Latvia, which can transfer up to 100 PET packages and cans at the same time.

The new cash register model has been installed at the Maxima XXX store on Andreja Saharova Street 20A, Riga, and is already available to every user of the deposit system from today.

It is planned that in the near future the operation of the second beramtaromat, which has already been installed at the “Spice” shopping center, but is awaiting approval from the Riga Construction Authority, will begin. Thus, residents of Riga will be provided with the opportunity to hand over large volumes of empty packaging on both sides of the Daugava.

“Experience shows that residents hand over an average of 20 packages at a time in taro machines, but there are users who accumulate large volumes of empty packages, therefore we have taken a step towards these customers as well, to ensure an even faster and more convenient process of handing over packages. The capacity and acceptance speed of bulk containers is significantly higher, and they also need to be serviced less often, besides, the already existing kiosk with two containers will be located next to it, which will be more suitable for the transfer of smaller volumes. I am really happy that at such an early stage of the operation of the deposit system, we can supplement the taromat network with this new bulk model, therefore I express my gratitude to the traders and taromat installers for their prompt cooperation,” comments Miks Stūrītis, chairman of the board of SIA Depozīta Iepakojuma Operators.

How to put the packages in the bulk container?

In the new taromat model, residents can empty up to 100 packaging units at a time. It is important to note that only PET packages and cans can be poured into the bulk dispenser, while glass bottles can be handed over to the current dispenser model – such a dispenser will also be located next to the new bulk dispenser, so that users can hand over all types of packages during one visit to the deposit point.

As is customary, when handing over deposit packages to ATMs throughout Latvia, you must make sure that they are emptied, undamaged and have a clearly legible barcode and deposit mark on them. To transfer the packages, they must be emptied into the taromat and the lid of the taromat must be closed. Taromat will count all the delivered packages and issue a deposit voucher. In the event that the taromat cannot accept the package for some reason, this package will go into a separate compartment located under the screen. The most common cases when this can happen:

  • A glass bottle with a deposit mark was mistakenly placed in the taromat → the glass container must be transferred to the adjacent standard taromat model;
  • The taromat does not accept a PET package or a can with a deposit mark → make sure that the package is emptied and not deformed, and put it in the taromat again or use the adjacent taromat;
  • The taromat does not accept the package because it is damaged and/or there is no deposit mark on it → the package is placed in the sorting container next to the kiosk.

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