“Other boys” put a full stop to the school year in Jelgava region – ZZ.lv

“Other boys” put a full stop to the school year in Jelgava region – ZZ.lv
“Other boys” put a full stop to the school year in Jelgava region – ZZ.lv
With the school year rapidly coming to an end, the “Kulturaugs” youth contemporary art festival invited to Eleja manor park on Saturday. At the event, the winners of the Olympiads and competitions were welcomed, exhibitions, performances, as well as public talks – interviews with several outstanding people took place.

Those present had the opportunity to ask questions and try to understand how to get ahead in life, sitting comfortably on the lawn of Eley Manor Park. The actor of the Daile Theater, Niklāvs Kurpnieks, who was interviewed by the leader of the youth talks, Alina Bruvere, admitted that the actor is not a desirable profession. According to him, theater requires extreme restraint and discipline from a person. You have to be at the rehearsal or performance even if there is, for example, your best friend’s wedding at that time. In addition, it is known that performances in the theater take place on Saturdays and Sundays, when others are free. The only positive moment that Niklavs noted in his work as an actor is a vacation in July, which is not guaranteed in many other professions. Niklavs also spoke about the fact that an actor must have an interesting personality for the audience. One of the ways to enrich yourself is to work with visiting foreign directors. “The actor is very attached to the language. When working in this profession, there is no possibility to go to another country, the land of another language and work there for a while,” said Niklavs. However, in cases where guest directors are invited to work in the Latvian theater, the Latvian actor has the opportunity to enrich himself with the culture of other nations.

In “Kulturauga”, a conversation with the 23-year-old influencer Niklavas Michulis, who comes from Ozolnieki and has gained thousands of followers on social networks with his videos and texts in five years, got a significant response. Thus, orders from advertisers have also been received. Niklavs refused to say how much he earns per month, but he can save. Niklavs revealed that his mother recommended him an important thing in the work of an influencer. Namely, five years ago the guy thought about what language to prepare his materials in – English, where the audience is huge, or Latvian, where it is smaller? Mom suggested to try in the mother tongue first, and that’s how it went.

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