The election of the President at the May 31 meeting would be a positive signal about stability

The election of the President at the May 31 meeting would be a positive signal about stability
The election of the President at the May 31 meeting would be a positive signal about stability

The election of the President at the meeting on May 31 would be a positive signal of stability both for the Latvian society and internationally, Uldis Pīlēns, the candidate for the position of the President nominated by the United List (AS) told the LETA agency.

When asked whether the President will be elected at the May 31 meeting or whether the second election will have to be held in June, Pīlēns said that it is better to elect the President at the May 31 meeting, as it would signal stability, first of all, to Latvian society, and also internationally to our transatlantic partners and potential investors.

Asked how he assesses his chances in the light of the possibility that the candidate nominated by the “New Unity” (JV), Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgars Rinkēvičs (JV) could be supported by the members of the Green and Farmers’ Union (ZZS) and “Progressives” in one of the votes, Pīlēns emphasized that he trusts to a contest where the fittest will win.

JV, ZZS and “Progresivajie” have a total of 52 deputies, while at least 51 votes are needed to elect the President.

The members of the Saeima will evaluate the candidates, their programs and select the most suitable among a long-term high-ranking official, public administration field, diaspora person and economist, representative of the creative industry, said Pilens, emphasizing that he “does not see anxiety” about the upcoming elections.

Today, the AS candidate met with members of the “Progressive” faction of the Saeima. Pilen noted that it was a very open, detailed conversation in which he outlined both his program and also told about himself from a professional point of view. The candidate received a lot of questions about the economy, national economy and the “more modern format of coexistence” important to the “Progressives”.

Duck states that as a conservative person, same-sex marriage is “not an acceptable topic” for him. At the same time, the businessman told “Progresīvajie” that it is necessary to address the rights of all Latvian people who live in the same household, regardless of their social status or sexual orientation.

In several issues regarding economic and social processes, the vision of both sides coincides, the politician said.

As reported, the parties represented in the Saeima have nominated three candidates for the upcoming presidential elections on the last day of May.

AS, which is part of the ruling coalition, is nominating its founder, businessman Pīlenas, for the high office, the prime minister’s party JV is proposing the candidacy of Foreign Minister Rinkēvičs for the presidential seat, while the opposition faction “Progressives” is nominating public management expert Eina Pinto for the presidential post. None of these candidates has a clear majority to win the election yet.

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