It was a fiasco / Article

It was a fiasco / Article
It was a fiasco / Article

  • Sweden’s debacle – obviously lousy
  • Three crowns fiasco – Latvia eliminated (from the semi-finals)

“Very tough. We had to win 10 times out of 10,” says goalkeeper Lasse Johansson.

Sweden does not reach the semi-finals for the fourth time in a row.

The home team, the Latvian national team, beat the Three Crowns 3-1 in a big way, with the euphoric home crowd in Riga cheering them on.

The Swedish hockey players were fully confident of victory before the game, with goalkeeper Johansson saying: “We are a significantly better team.”

After the game, he said: “It’s very difficult. It was definitely not what we expected. Unbelievably sad.”

Another hockey player of the Swedish national team compared the Latvian national team to a wall.

The joy of the star of the Swedish hockey league – the biggest victory in his career / The victory leaves Rodrigo Abolas speechless

Rodrigo Abols is very fluent in Swedish after his years at Örebro, but struggles to find the right words to express his feelings after the big win. (5 seasons in Örebro, the last two as team captain, and will represent Rögle next season) Abolas on the game and the balance of power: “What’s magical about the tournament is that it’s only one game. If you play 7 games, to find out the strongest team, they can beat us, but it’s only one game and today we were the better team.”

  • Swedish tears after the huge fiasco – one of the headlines
  • “Expressen” calls the Latvian public crazy.

Swedish Television also describes the match with the word “fiasco”


  • Fiasco’s loss to the Three Crowns – Latvia continues the Hockey World Championship
  • The audience is called inimitable.

The national hockey team of Latvia defeated the Swedish national team 3:1 in Riga on Thursday and reached the semi-finals of the world championship for the first time. In the fight for a place in the final, the Latvian national team will meet Canada on Saturday in Tampere.


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