Canadian “Billy Talent” will perform in Riga

Canadian “Billy Talent” will perform in Riga
Canadian “Billy Talent” will perform in Riga

When the concert of the Canadian alternative rock luminaries “Billy Talent” was canceled for unclear reasons last summer, it seemed that we would not see them here, but no – on June 12, this group will perform at the “Palladium” concert hall. Tickets are available in the “Biļešu Serviss” network from Friday, January 27.

“Billy Talent” is one of the best Canadian rock bands and even ranks among the ten most commercially successful blitzes. The awards speak for themselves: Billy Talent has received seven prestigious Juno Awards and 23 nominations, ten Much Music Video Awards (out of 32 nominations), making the group among the most nominated for the Much Music Video Award history, they had three hits on Canadian rock radio that stayed at number one for 20 consecutive weeks, etc., etc.

Already the band’s debut album ‘Billy Talent’ (released in the fall of 2003) received critical acclaim and hit the Canadian charts with hits such as ‘Try Honesty’, ‘The Ex’, ‘River Below’ and ‘Nothing To Lose’. 6th place on the album chart and triple platinum status.

Follow-up albums Billy Talent II (2006) and Billy Talent III (2019) have also gone triple platinum, while the two subsequent albums Dead Silence (2012) and Afraid Of Heights (2016) have only been ” went single-platinum, but the latter album debuted at number one on the music album charts not only in Canada, but also in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. All four albums mentioned were solid Canadian chart No. 1s.

Billy Talent’s ‘Crisis Of Faith’, released last year, was number one in Germany, but only charted at number eight in its native Canada. But on the rock chart, three singles – “Reckless Paradise”, “I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better)” and “End of Me” – took the top spot and exceeded 50 million streams.

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