Astrological forecast for May: the energy of the planets will not allow you to sit still

Astrological forecast for May: the energy of the planets will not allow you to sit still
Astrological forecast for May: the energy of the planets will not allow you to sit still

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The energy of the planets in May is concentrated in such a way that it will not allow you to sit still, but will make you do something. The main topic that will receive attention will be energy, that is, where and how it is spent or invested and how much is received back in terms of money or in some other form of energy exchange, according to astrologer Inita Dilane.

“Already at the end of the previous month, this topic has come up and will continue to be important. Many service providers will rate their price based on the time invested over a larger period of time (education, practice, experience). the price of your service. Especially in professions where you have invested your time and money for several years and continue to develop, but you feel that you have overspent energy resources – change the price of your service to a higher one. We are not talking about those who simply want to earn more, we are talking about whether the released and received energy is in balance. If it is in balance, both parties are equally happy and satisfied by doing their job,” explains the astrologer.

According to her, the theme of the month is energy. “The topic of energy, money and self-esteem and how effectively you use your resources (skills, talents, knowledge, financial savings) will be what both the body and the mind will signal about. Those who navigate energies will especially feel this. Also on the physical level, kidney problems will indicate fear, the back will indicate financial instability, while neck pain will be caused by all the “swallowed toads”, or on the contrary – the lump expressed in the heat of emotions about money, how much you do and how much you get in return. Here we are also talking about relationships of any nature, where energetic interaction takes place. Also domestic situations where the resource is spent, receiving much less or nothing in return,” stresses Inita Dilāne.

“Thinking and acting will tend to be in a hurry, you might think that you are delaying something, that you are not doing something, but remember that the universe will still put everything together as it should be, regardless of whether you scratch a wet back, run forward with the wings of the wind, trying to outrun time. The beneficiaries this month will be those who engage in mindfulness practices and shape their everyday life according to their consciously made choices,” emphasizes the astrologer.

If in the month of April there were quite a lot of “red lights” regarding money investments, purchases, especially for household appliances and telephones, then this month is favorable for long-term money investments.

“Starting from May 15, projects and transactions that have been at the level of ideas can begin their implementation path – seriously, thoroughly and with a specific delving into the essence of the matter. If before that the mind gave up quite frivolously in terms of spending and expenses, now it will be evaluated where and how much was spent or invested and what was received in return. This also applies to studies – a serious approach to them will be felt. What will be gained by spending your time and material resources on them will be carefully evaluated. Between May 15 and 20, there are very favorable days to learn practical skills based on the previously acquired theoretical basis and to get material benefits from them,” says the astrologer.

“As early as May 21, the vibrations created by the full moon will be felt in the energetic, emotional and physical plane. It must be said that this time it will be calmer than before. However, those who already have a tendency to self-analysis, self-destruction, may feel a thickening of emotions on May 21, 22, especially about money issues, about how much energy is devoted to a person and how valuable or worthless you are as a person. a master of his craft in his chosen field of work. This also applies to sexual energy,” warns the astrologer, emphasizing that soon after, during the full moon itself, an influx of energy will be felt.

In the last decade of the month, the energies of the planets change to much lighter, airier and communication-oriented ones. It will be much easier to do what could not be said in connection with money, energy exchange. It will also be easier in romantic relationships to get to know each other, to address the person you like, to write a message laced with humor and flirtation.

Also, the fields of activity related to trade, training, transportation, communication, consulting will flourish more magnificently and create better financial benefits, says the astrologer.

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